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JUL 07

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"Some of us do grow our own lemons. I plan on buying one of these for ..."

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When Life Hands You Lemons...Power Your Alarm Clock?

There are a lot of options when it comes to telling time off the grid.  It seems that alternative-powered clocks are everywhere, but they're not usually inexpensive and best price propecia some require a lot of work to keep them juiced.

The Bedol Water Clock luckily has neither of those problems.  The small 4 inch by 3.5 inch clock runs off water with a splash of lemon juice for six to eight weeks at a time, meaning no regular cranking, recharging or need for a battery at all. Even better, the clock will only cost you $16.

The clock features an alarm and a built-in memory chip so you don't have to levitra on line reset when it's time to refill.  Also, I like when aesthetics are taken into account with energy-saving products and they definitely were here.  The cute clock comes in four colors and is available here.

via Good Clean Tech


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written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Nice clock... why just a splash of lemon juice? smilies/smiley.gif
it's not free
written by eric schmidt, July 08, 2009
The clock's power is not free, you know. The electrodes have simply been separated so you add the electrolyte, instead of encased in a battery you buy separately. And the clock will not run forever, eventually the electrodes will wear out, and you'll have to dispose of the clock.
written by pig571, July 08, 2009
Or you can get it on Amazon for $12.53
written by Laura, July 09, 2009
This sounds cool, I'll keep it in mind when I look for a new alarm clock smilies/smiley.gif It's good that it comes in multiple colors because that makes it more appealing to some
written by suntea, July 11, 2009
Thanks pig 571. I'm think I'm going to get one for my cousin.
No energy from the lemons.
written by Jaknelaps, July 14, 2009
I agree with Eric. The energy is coming from the oxidation of the metal electrodes and not from the lemons. I imagine you would be better off just buying one with a replaceable battery.
written by ThinkAfrica, July 26, 2009
lemons are transported across America using gasoline and releasing CO2 unless the next day viagra alarm clock users are supposed to grow their own...
written by betsy bargain, September 22, 2009
Some of us do grow our own lemons. I plan on buying one of these for my mom who has a lemon tree in her yard. For her it will be a "green" solution.

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