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JUL 09

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"Hi, i've been searching for a decent power saving solution for my med..."

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Power Saving Software Checks to Make Sure You're at Your Computer

With computers taking on more entertainment roles where user interaction is not as frequent, typical activity sensing power management sometimes becomes an annoyance rather than a helpful tool. A new webcam application called PecoBOO (with an emphasis on the 'eco') developed by the UK-based environmental computer manufacturer VeryPC uses facial recognition to determine whether or not there is a user in front of the PC. If the user moves away, after 15 minutes, the computer goes into its power-saving standby mode.

This software allows a user to buy cialis where maintain power management without having to constantly keep having to move a mouse or tap a key to let the buying levitra in canada PC know that a user is still there. "Current power management software doesn't work very well because it interferes with people's lives - they're watching the iPlayer and viagra soft tabs the monitor sleeps after fifteen minutes so they turn off the power management stuff. This is much simpler."

Occupancy sensors for rooms in buildings are a well-established method for controlling lights in spaces that are intermittently occupied. This provides a similar kind of function for computers.

It should be noted that this is just performing detection of generic cialis without prescription a face, rather than 'facial recognition.' In one case, a glitch was encountered with the system not properly shutting down due to a poster (with a face) on a wall in the computer's field of view.

The software is available for Windows XP and Vista, and comes included with new VeryPC computers. It is also available (in the UK) along with the purchase of a webcam.

Links: PecoBOO and Very PC

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written by Brianne, July 09, 2009
My only question is generic cialis without prescription if and when this will be available in the United States? And how much?

It's true that when I'm watching a movie on my computer I turn the power saving mode off, and sometimes you leave for what you think will be a minute - and an hour later... This has a great concept behind it.
written by no one, July 10, 2009
So... how does it know when to turn power back on?

You can't run the face recognition software while the computer is off.
written by Joan, July 10, 2009
This would be interesting for TV's, too:
It is on TV already
written by Akos, July 10, 2009
Check for Sony tv-s, I know its already on them.
Although I remember with some other Presence Checking method they use. Unfortunatelly, first they kill the sound and then only dim the backlight.
And also their presence checking is not good for sleeping in front of the tvs. While this would be totally OK.

Well, I wanted to implement this thing a year ago onto televisions.
written by Brian, July 10, 2009
Just playing devils advocate, but on my mac, the battery life goes down when using the camera and video software. Wouldn't it stand to viagra cheapest price generic reason that the camera and additional processing power for the software would increase your consumption while running?
What if im watching a movie? do I have to fiddle with settings (yuck)
What if im doing something processor intensive like video rendering (im a film maker)
I have few others, but I dont want to nag too much. It is definitely a good concept if the above conditions can be met.
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
i really need one of these. very convenient!
written by Patrick, July 15, 2009
I was just going thinking what Brain said. It would seem that you need more electricity to run the program along with a webcam. It would just make more sense to turn off your computer whenever you are done with it. You can even hibernate your computer is you are in a run and need to leave immediately.
Check out AutoshutdownManager
written by Peter Schubert, July 15, 2009

i've been searching for a decent power saving solution for my media server setup all over the net, but most products just have a simple timer and no network cascading. What I wanted was this: I turn on levitra mg my dvd-laptop and at the same time start my file server.

autoshutdown manager on my laptop will turn on my file server instantly and keep it running as long as I watch am movie. if the laptop is shutdown, the server will shut down. I can even do it with a remote now. it has all kinds of rules and threshold, so dont worry that skype will keep your pc running all night.

check out

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