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JUL 09

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"I really like the luxury look and tramadol mexican pharmacy feel of the Karma. My guess is that ..."

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Fisker Delivering the Karma in Mid-2010

Fisker has established their timeline for delivering the Karma plug-in hybrid to customers.  Originally, the company planned to very good site viagra best buy start production sometime in 2009, but didn't have a set delivery window, but now they've set a schedule to begin production at the end of the year and start delivering the cars in May or June 2010.

That is, of course, if you've already gotten your name on the reservation list.  Those that order now will have to wait until late summer 2010 to get theirs.

It will be interesting to see if the Fisker Karma takes any customers away from the good choice best canadian pharmacy Tesla.  Both are luxury brands, but the Karma costs less than the Roadster and is making it to market ahead of cialis overnite the Model S.  So, will it be healthy competition, or will there only be room for one luxury EV at a time?  Regardless, it looks as though 2010 really is shaping up to be the year of the EV.  Almost all of the major automakers have new hybrid or all-electric models coming out within the year.  Let's hope that they're welcomed as a surge of new and better choices by consumers.

via Greentech Media

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written by C Liechtenstein, July 13, 2009
This car was a delight to canadian pharmacies viagra sit in, with real leather seats. But the seats are a bit thin, more thin than even Diablo seats. I like the car still, and it feels like a rich luxury car inside, with elegant lines. I do want to see more of a feeling of richness inside, but perhaps that's not PC within certain green circles. I feel all that is about to change.
written by Fred, July 13, 2009
i think this is the first hybrd car that actually looks cool
Beautiful car
written by Green Technology Blog, July 13, 2009
Definitely the order viagra in canada best looking Green Car out there! Any idea on what the starting price will be?

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written by autostry, July 18, 2009
I really like the luxury look and feel of the Karma. My guess is that the price will probably go around $80,000.

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