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JUL 14

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"It's just a restaurant on the top of a tower, not a building, so the canadian mailorder viagra w..."

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Dubai Syscraper to Integrate a Solar Thermal Tower

Putting solar panels on the roof (or side) of your skyscraper is so 2008. If you really want some efficiency without all those complicated photovoltaics. If you really love renewable energy, and you also like EXTREME temperatures, you should just buckle down and viagra propranodol put a solar power tower at the top of your skyscraper.

And that's the idea of the Almeisan Tower that's been designed for Za'abeel park in Dubai.

The tower would be a home to an observation deck, a cafe, a children's library and community meeting space, and would produce enough electricity to power itself, and several neighboring buildings. The solar power portion, at the top, would simply be a bunch of cialis cost rotating mirrors that focus the sun's light on a point at the peak of the structure. That point would get so hot that water pumped through would vaporize, and turn a steam turbine to create electricity. It's not a new idea, eSolar is building several of these plants in America now, and Abengoa's solar thermal towers have been producing power in Spain for years.


But I've never seen anyone planning on sticking one on top of a building.

Solar thermal power is generally more well suited to centralized power generation, where lots of energy can be produced off-site on buy online cialis cheap land in sunny areas. But I'm not going to fault the building's designer, Robert Ferry, for thinking outside the box. I hope this thing gets built, if only because it's kinda awesome.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Meagan, July 14, 2009
This is amazing.
written by Fi, July 14, 2009
Why haven't they done this before. There is soo much surface area in the cities to make use of. I guess, out of sight, out of mind..
written by Fred, July 14, 2009
This is interesting for dubai. It will a benefit for them there.
written by Christopher Reeve, July 14, 2009
What an ugly structure! Looks like all concrete and very little usable space. Think of the amount of energy it will take to build. This is no solution to our energy problems. This is just an extravagant monument.
Tower not Skyscraper
written by Carl Hage, July 14, 2009
It's just a restaurant on the top of a tower, not a building, so the word "skyscraper" is misleading-- it's not like putting mirrors on the top of the world trade center. This is an art project, meant to supply renewable energy. One issue would be whether the generic cialis buy online energy generated would ever pay back the energy cost of visit web site online us viagra the concrete and steel required to elevate the mirror disk. So it's touted as sustainable, but it doesn't seem possible. Competitions like this (as does LEED) should include submission of the sustainability and energy cost of the building materials.

1 m3 of concrete requies about 16MWh of energy. The tower might produce 3MWh/day or ~70 m3 of concrete/year. The 100m pillars look pretty thick.

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