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JUL 15

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"I don't buy the negative comments about the car. People are buying mor..."

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Tata Nano Passes European Crash Testing!

The Tata Nano, a tiny car with an even smaller pricetag, just surprised a lot of folks (including me) by passing European crash testing. Obviously, to make vehicles smaller, cheaper and wow)) cheepest cialis lighter, it's easy to compromise on safety. And we're not saying that the Nano is exactly safe, but it is safe enough to be sold in Europe, which was a big question for all the people who wanted a car that gets 50 miles per gallon for only a few thousand dollars. Tata hopes that these results will aid in its goal to get the Nano on European roads by 2012.

There are still questions of emissions testing and American crash tests. Of course, any car sold in the U.S. or Europe would be significantly more expensive than the $1000 Indian versions due to increased safety and emissions measures. But it would still almost certainly be the cheapest car available in America. Not to mention one of only best offers levitra cheap canada the most efficient.

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written by Annymous, July 15, 2009
tata is much more advanced and resourceful company than one might think. Chairman Ratan Tata is a US educated person (cornell university) and overall india in more reputed for quality than other asian neighbors. India has better intellectual property laws too, that's why you don't see copy-cat cars produced in India.
written by Amy, July 15, 2009
It seems like a pretty awesome concept - although, I'm not sure how well it would go over without a/c or stereo ... I think I could do okay without the a/c, but I generally need music ... hmm, I guess buying some portable speakers for my MP3 player could be the way to go there?
written by Bob Wallace, July 16, 2009
I started driving in the 1950s and starting riding in cars in the 1940s. Back then we got along pretty well without AC. In fact, even my current pickup doesn't have AC.

If the Tata can be bought for not a lot of money and can be driven without purchasing lots of expensive gas I'll bet people will be willing to give up AC. Driving a non-AC car is more comfortable than walking down the side of a hot roadway.

Sounds? There's lots of aftermarket music stuff.
Is this Really a god idea?
written by RRD, July 16, 2009
Is ecogeek promoting The Tata Nano? This car is the worst thing for the eco system. Let's take one of the biggest masses of people who a majority of them walk or ride a bike and give them a cheap gasoline powered car. Regardless of the MPG this is going to put more people into carbon emitting cars and not end our dependence on oil. Bad Idea!
written by kxbpy, July 16, 2009
"overall india in more reputed for quality than other asian neighbors. India has better intellectual property laws too"

Right! Tell that to people who don't know. I worked there for 15 years and am very familiar with both the quality & IPR in India. IPR? Anything and everything is knocked off!

Every item you buy you have your own people inspect & verify. The typical quality is what ever one can get away with. Every piece of stainless steel you buy is analyzed and tested - too much cheating.

I supervised hundreds of millions of dollars in purchases and am very well aware of the situation.

Having said the above, Tata is one of the better companies of a bad lot.
written by Fred, July 16, 2009
vehicles are getting smaller and smaller wow
written by Annymous, July 16, 2009
world is changing and it is changing fast! smilies/wink.gif
To Hank:
written by Matthew McDonough, July 16, 2009
Hey Hank,

I just want to say that that short video of the Nano crashing was completely irrelavent and did absolutely nothing for the quality of your article.

With that said, Thanks! Even us ecogeeks like to see some destruction every once in a while.

Nice video. :-)
written by India, July 17, 2009
Lets see how it does in real world. :-)
I'm surprised!
written by autostry, July 18, 2009
I've been hearing quite a lot of bad reviews regarding the Nano and its safety issues. Not that I doubt the European Crash Test results. It's just that it probably wouldn't give the same result in real life.
Electric Version
written by Bob, July 18, 2009
Is there an electric version of the car in the works?
Tata Rocks!
written by Annymous, July 23, 2009
Even after passing the EURO Crashtest, if you doubt about real world then I would have to say this - Doubt about all cars; Not just Nano. Because the tests are same for all cars out there.
Retired H.S. English Teacher
written by Phil Williams, July 25, 2009
One day the USA Auto Manufacturers will give the American People what they want. A inexpensive, 50 mpg Auto. I guess we can go to the moon but can't attempt the obvious. India -a third world Nation has Trumped the U.S.A. I can't wait to buy a Tata Nano. I want one.
Now France is getting ready to Trump the U.S.A with an Air Car that runs on air that is compressed by Solar Cells. It tops 90 mph and can be put into any chassy or body. Air Cars will be built in local Shops and Sold Locally. In France, every town or city can make them in small factories. The U.S.A has nowhere close to this technology. Too Bad to the point of shamefulness.
Phil the Lieu.
Really good to know this
written by amit, November 28, 2009
Tata Nano is dream car for many Indians who has never dreamt of car. People where skeptical whether this 1 lakh ruppe car will pass European norms. Building low caost car which satify EU norms is really a mamooth task. Hats off to TATA..
written by Repossessed Cars, December 02, 2009
I don't buy the negative comments about the car. People are buying more and more cars throughout the world (yes cyclists and pedestrians, too!) >At least let them have something approximating eco-friendly. It's the only way forward.

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