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OCT 12

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"So gross, yet so cool. Using your feces to transfer methane gas into t..."

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A Very EcoGeek Vacation: Monkey Bay

monkeybaySometimes vacationing can be difficult for an EcoGeek. It's best to find something sustainable and cheap viagra online usa close to nature...but only if there's high speed internet.  If you really want to levitra brand get back to nature, without losing touch, check out The Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  It is only a few miles from Belize City and it is located in Central Belize.  Monkey Bay is a very unique campground located within 1,070 acres of tropical forest, riverine and savanna habitats.  It also Borders the Sibun River which flows from the Maya Mountains to the Caribbean Sea.   

What makes this a choice vacation spot for an EcoGeek is the fact that not only is it an environmentalist paradise, it is also full of neat technology, both advanced and old fashioned.  The entire campground is powered by a small array of photovoltaic panels and a small wind turbine, so there is always electricity available in the cabins and throughout the campground.  Monkey Bay also offers broadband wireless internet for their guests.  You may bring your own laptop or use the campground's PowerBook G3.  Now that is a vacation, laying in a hammock in the middle of a tropical forest looking up the latest articles on on your laptop.  Monkey Bay also offers a natural history library with over 500 references.  

The majority of the drinking and bathing water in the campground is supplied by rainwater.  The showers are heated by passive solar heating; they are simply stored in large black barrels and gravity feed down to the shower stall.  Another extremely interesting part of the Monkey Bay campground is an unexpected relationship between the outhouses and the kitchen.  The outhouses are designed to capture the methane gas from your waste and that gas is then transferred into the kitchen to power the stove burners. Not only is this amazingly sustainable, it's also just gross enough to give you an amazing story to tell your friends.

This is one vacation spot that this EcoGeek would love to go to again.  And for those of you who are college bound EcoGeeks, Monkey Bay offers internships, courses, and homestays with native Belizeans.  
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So gross, yet so cool.
written by Jason, October 15, 2006
So gross, yet so cool. Using your feces to transfer methane gas into the kitchen to power the stove burners. Ewww !!

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