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JUL 31

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"I came across this article when looking for uses for recycled tires. ..."

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Tire Maker Designs Rubber-Paneled, Electric SUV

Korean tire maker Kumho has produced a concept for an electric SUV utilizing a tire maker's favorite material - rubber.  The Fortis SUV features body panels made from recycled rubber and the rest of cheap quality cialis the design is pretty cool too.

The SUV's wheels contain one 100-horsepower motor each, allowing the production of front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive models.  Built-in software controls the motors so different types of traction control can be programmed in.

Of course, the neatest feature of this concept car is the tires, which change Transformer-style depending on the terrain.  During off-road driving, they deflate, revealing metal lugs that up the traction.  When you get back on the road, the air cavaties expand, inflating the tires and covering up the metal lugs for smooth driving.

The SUV deisign also includes a Lithium-ion battery pack and regenerative braking.

via Autoblog Green


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written by alexander, August 01, 2009
Great news! I've been thinking about this for many years: why are current cars covered with such a fragile material (sheet metal)? Even a slightest impact must be repaired with a lot of work! Cars must, for sure, have very strong carcasses, but their exterior should better imitate the nature -- soft and flexible! Don't you think so, too?
How Much
written by ellenbetty, August 01, 2009
will those tires cost to replace? smilies/shocked.gif If these tires work, these tires would be a good idea, if the tires could be set the studs to tramadol no prescription fed-ex come out just enough for snow/ice on winter roads. Auto come out when tire slip is canada cheap cialis detected would even be better. Sounds like the tires could become a legal replacement chains on vehicle.
Cost of vehicle?
written by ellenbetty, August 01, 2009
The idea is nice but geared toward well to do people.
written by monk, August 01, 2009
Excellent! Now why didn't GM think of this first?

written by EV, August 02, 2009
Cost of vehicle?
written by ellenbetty, August 01, 2009
The idea is nice but geared toward well to do people.

Everything new starts off geared toward the well to do. Then it comes down in cost and everyone can afford it.
written by Bob Wallace, August 02, 2009
Geared toward well-to-do? I'm not sure....

Stuff takes a lot of research and development (R&D)to get to market. Because funds are not unlimited there is probably a push to produce something that works and get some sold to keep the cialis sales uk project going.

Figuring out how to make it cheaper likely comes later for many products. First you've got to see if there's a market and if you idea wins a portion of it.

Additionally, as products gain acceptance and some sales are made companies can build the specialized equipment and make the hard nosed deals with suppliers that decrease their costs.

And finally, get a new idea on the market and you've got the ability to charge more (make more profit) for a while. But count on someone coming along and competing and then down goes the price.
written by Fred, August 03, 2009
sounds interesting hope it takes off
No cars at all! I think! :)
written by German, August 07, 2009
No cities.
No cars.
No factories.
No roads...
No cords.
No garbage..
No civils...
No ecosystem disharmony..
Nothing familiar to our nowdays' eyes.. except nature..

Earth will be clear. Happy earth creatures everywhere!

Where is humanity?

Still here! smilies/smiley.gif But... another methods of coliving used for few hundred years..!

People not underground. Not living on clouds.

We now live in "Liveballs"! Yeap - this may apper meaningless name, BUT! - it is exatly
describes appearence of place on Earth where people will live. Where our kids will live!

Soon I put my illustrations here. You will see how amazing & nice...

C ya! ))

PS^ excuse me for my spelling - I'm from Almaty, Kazakhstan... wrote in rush..
written by David, August 09, 2009
Sounds like some great ideas! What is the proposed date for production?
Does it bounce
written by EcoTommy, August 10, 2009
So if you get hit and roll over does it just bounce...and maybe land on its feet/tires? Would be cool.
written by Brian, December 29, 2013
I came across this article when looking for uses for recycled tires. It doesn't look like anything has become of this concept car (yet). Which is a shame because it is a cool idea.
I did come across an artist that makes incredible sculptures out of used tires named Yong Ho Ji. I love seeing creative uses for resources that help redefine how we look at "trash".

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