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AUG 03

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Solar Powered Mega-Airship

solarairshipHere is an interesting approach to lighter than air craft: Instead of a balloon envelope, the Turtle Airships concept envisions a lightweight rigid shell for the craft. While this might be impractical at a smaller scale, on an extremely large vessel, this pays off, since the enclosed volume, which provides the lift, increases cubically as the size increases, while the viagra on sale area of the shell, which is responsible for the weight of good choice generic viagra from india the craft, only increases with the square of the size.

Like Projet Sol'R, the Turtle Airship would also use photovoltaics on its exterior. With such a large vessel, covering the exterior with lightweight, thin-film solar panels to provide power for propulsion and online ordering viagra on-board use is a very obvious concept. These photovoltaics could provide up to 45 kW of electricity for the ship. For backup, the vessel would have a diesel generator on viagra best buy board, using biodiesel fuel. Because the vessel would operate at lower altitudes, there are fewer concerns about problems with the diesel fuel.



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