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OCT 15

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Durabook: Read in the Shower


Some people seem to think that bathing is a time for relaxation and renewal. I think it's a time when I could be otherwise occupied with more cerebral pursuits if only it weren't so darned wet in there. 

Though I do recognize the necessity of the task, I often feel like I'm wasting time while I'm bathing. The sad truth is that it's very difficult to multi-task in the shower because pretty much everything that one would multi-task with is not water-proof.

Thanks to the Durabook, those days may be over! Durabooks are made of non-toxic synthetic glues and papers that are absolutely water-proof and pretty close to indestructible. They're not much more expensive than regular books and, even better, they're completely tree-free and 100% perpetually recyclable.  The book lasts as long as you need it to, doesn't use trees, isn't too expensive, and can be melted down and reused perpetually. Wondrous!

You can try it out now on certain books such as Cradle to Cradle (which is required reading for any EcoGeek anyway) and WET: More Aquatic Erotica, which may assist you with one of the only other bathing-friendly multitasks.

Via TreeHugger
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Not eco friendly in my opinion.
written by rob, October 17, 2006
Anything that is "pretty close to indestructible", is not eco friendly, as sooner or later it will end up in a landfill site. Where it will presumably last for ever.
Paper books are far more eco friendly, if produced from sustainable forest, they can be recycled and they work as carbon sinks, holding the carbon in a relatively stable form.

The Durabook is useful in wet situations, but shouldn't be touted as eco friendly IMOP.
written by Kian, October 17, 2006
'recyclable' key word. it may be indestructable, but it can also be reused again and again... Which, is great, I think.
written by Matt, October 17, 2006
There's a considerable difference between recyclable and regularly recycled. Theoretically, everything is recyclable. Realistically, which recycling container would these go into at the visit web site best viagra center?

This is certainly useful technology. But to call it ecologically sound before the loop has been closed is premature, in my opinion.

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