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AUG 11

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New Building Energy Label More Aggressive than Energy Star

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and good choice buy xanax online Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has come up with a new energy labeling system for buildings that will be more in-depth and more aggressive than the Energy Star labels for buildings.  The new system called the Building Energy Quotient will be unveiled this fall and will assign grades like a report card to all types of buildings except residential ones.

The Building EQ will consist of two different ratings based on energy use per square foot per year.  One will factor in the building's design while the other will rate its energy saving performance.  Both areas will be graded on a scale of A+ to F, with A+ meaning a building accomplishes net zero energy (it produces the same amount of i recommend cheap viagra india energy it consumes) while an F will go to those buildings considered unsatisfactory.

While there is definite overlap between this rating system and Energy Star, Building EQ goes beyond the former's pass/fail labels and makes the best price cialis online best grades tougher to just try! buy levitra next day delivery come by.  An Energy Star building would receive a grade of B on the Building EQ scale, while a typical commercial building would get a C.  The new program is not as encompassing as LEED though, which takes into account water use and overall environmental impact of a building, not just energy use.

As we get closer to mandatory labels for buildings, developers will now have three voluntary rating systems to choose from, hopefully placing a premium on those buildings that achieve the highest ratings and making energy efficient buildings the norm and buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets inefficient ones a thing of the past.

via Earth2Tech

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written by real savings, August 12, 2009
You should ask how and by whom the verification of this energy label will be done. If the verification system is rigged, all we get is energy savings on click now cialis free pills paper but not in reality. This is what happening with the Energy Star progran for housing. The consumer is order tramadol online cod fooled to pay premium for paper savings. Often the viagra on sale in france rater has never visited the construction site. The raters makes upp the board of verification organization called RESNET and any complaint against a rater will be handled by RESNET and on its own discretion. It does not matter how we fine tune a labeling system as long as we do not have a transparent verification system regulated by non stake holders. Is the good intention and not the real result what counts?
target the specifics
written by Tim Snyder, October 05, 2009
To enhance the credibility of a new rating system, I'd like to see specific values that apply to energy efficiency and green value; this could eliminate any ambiguity about a rating. For example, list the airtightness (in air changes per hour), the levels of buy viagra on line insulation (Rvalue) in walls, ceilings and floors, the efficiency ratings of HVAC equipment and appliances, the lighting system details, etc. It's important for all of us to free samples viagra improve our awareness of all the we like it online cialis factors that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices. A magical but mysterious rating number just keeps too many people in the dark.
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written by amyamster, July 08, 2010
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