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AUG 19

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"It would be nice to do this but companies should make good cars for pe..."

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Can Lexus Bring Luxury to Compact Cars?

lexussmallcarI've been saying this for a while now...I want a car that is nice, efficient and viagra online india comfortable. To get a small car shouldn't be the same thing as getting a cheap car. The advent of the Mini and the Smart car (not to mention some very nice compacts out there) I think car companies are getting the idea. But, of course, the next step is to thrust the compact car into full luxury mode.

That's what Lexus is looking to do. Lexus is teasing us with a little drawing of a car that they'll unveil at the Frankfurt Auto Show that would "raise the bar in the tramadol c o d delivery premium compact segment." Frankly, that wouldn't be too hard to do.

From my perspective, I'm just really hoping they do it with efficiency in mind. Not that I could afford it. Also, as a commenter at AutoBlogGreen points out..this design is direct proof that Battlestar Gallactica is having a tremendous influence on car designers, which can't be a bad thing.

Via AutoBlogGreen

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Meanwhile in Europe
written by Edward Lynch-Bell, August 21, 2009
As is usual, Europe and particularly Italy lead the way here, beyond the Mini, there are small luxury offerings from Lancia and Alfa Romeo alongside the Mercedes A-Class and the BMW mini.
good idea!
written by Jessilynn, December 14, 2009
It would be nice to do this but companies should make good cars for people with a smaller budget. there is no use in making cars that wont be bought that often!

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