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AUG 19

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GM Cancels Buick Plug-in, Promises it in Another Form

pluginbuickJust weeks after announcing that Buick would be the home for the Saturn Vue's plug-in hybrid platform, GM has decided to pull the buy ultram online overnight program from Buick and purchase levitra soft tabs assign it to another brand.

While I was excited about up-scaling the Vue a bit (with the hopes of decreasing volume and increasing price, thus getting closer to breaking even) everyone else was getting angry about the down-scaling of the Buick brand.

The press (aside from me) dealers and Buick fans alike were all up in arms about the idea. So, as an example of how agile the new GM is on its feet, they've cancelled the project.

So I should be angry right? Well, not yet. According to GM, the Vue's plug-in platform will be ported to yet another brand with no change in the canadian healthcare 2011 release date for the vehicle. So, in the end, we will still have a plug-in hybrid crossover (or SUV) to help soccer moms start saving gas in 2011.

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written by Oakleigh Solargroupies, August 20, 2009
Rest In Peace, Buick! Somewhere there are Buick fans jumping for joy.
written by Ken Grubb, August 24, 2009
Trouble is, GM still appears to be going forward with a big honkin' 3.6L V6 PHEV, rather than a small under 2,500 cc 4 banger like the Escape. The Escape would seem likely to deliver far better fuel efficiency.
written by Bob Wallace, August 26, 2009
Let's assume (I think it's safe to assume) that there are people who are going to buy "big" whether we think it a good idea or not.

Some might even need a larger vehicle. I know a few who really do.

Wouldn't you rather see them in a big PHEV than a big ICE?

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