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AUG 28

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"Well Joe, you're very wrong once more. But you do remain obnoxious. ..."

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TH!NK Car Coming Back from Bankruptcy

thinkportTH!NK (with the levitra online sales cute exclamation point in place of an 'i') hasn't been the loudest name in electric cars, and perhaps that contributed to them entering bankruptcy protection last December. But in Norway (where Think is headquartered) earlier this week, Think's reorganization was approved, and the company is on track to resume production.

One of viagra to buy the new investors in Think is the Finnish company Valmet Automotive, whose production facilities will be used to produce the car, alongside the Boxster and wow look it buy low price cialis Cayman models they build for Porsche. Think is also reported to be looking for a location in the US where they can produce the car for the cheap cialis online user North American market.

The TH!NK City is canadian pharmacy viagra generic a two-seat, battery-electric car with a top speed of 100 kmh (62 mph) and a driving range of 170-200 kilometers (105-124 miles). With its small size - slightly over 3 meters (10 feet) long - and range constraints, not to london uk buy generic viagra mention calling the vehicle "City", it is definitely targeted at urban commuters. Think has showed other models, such as the Th!nk Ox Concept Car, and according to the company, has a 2 + 2 configuration forthcoming which will allow urban parents to bring their children along. This will add to the growing variety of electric vehicle options that are becoming available.

via: Detroit News

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written by T, August 28, 2009
it would be an excellent commute car. Imagine charge stations in parking lots, fully charged and ready to go home after work!
written by Miles, August 28, 2009
Well it seems to charge with a standart high voltage plug. So as long as you are working somewhere where heavy machinery are used, you could charge it already. smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Bob Wallace, August 28, 2009
I think that's the new "standard" EV plug that everyone is going to use. It should accept 110, 220, and 440 VAC.
Stay away from Michigan...
written by Doc Rings, August 29, 2009
Th!nk better 'think' twice before manufacturing in Michigan: oppressive taxes, expensive union labor and management to start a few.

They should come to the Southeast where there are corporate incentives and less expensive labor, better weather for distribution/lower energy costs...

The average union wage is over $73 an hour in Detroit...and many are paid to report to a lounge and watch TV all day, because there is not enough work, but they can't be laid off.... sheer madness.

Th!nk about it!
written by Bob Wallace, August 29, 2009
Doc - check your facts.

The $73 per hour is absolutely wrong. It's a bogus number that's been floated around.

Here, let me give you a bootstrap to pull...

Question Doc...
written by Bob Wallace, August 30, 2009
You ever work for a salary? (Rather than paid by the hour.)

If so, were you kept busy 40 hours a week or were there slack times when you goofed off? You know, shot the breeze with fellow employees, wandered the web, ....

You think auto workers might want to also work on something closer to us cialis soft a salary basis rather than a "we don't have anything for you this week, just go home" basis? Sort of have a dependable pay check so that they can feed the only here buy pfizer levitra family.....

You want to be sent home without pay when things slow down in your office?

Remember, auto workers do get laid off fairly regularly. Their contracts are not so tight that they always get paid 52 weeks a year, unlike lots of the rest of us.
Just wait for the Chinese, let these guys fail
written by Golmekker, August 30, 2009
The Chinese are readying mass market battery powered 2 person vehicles for world wide distribution.

These silly Nordic folk would be better advised to stay in bankruptcy rather than compete with the technical might and intellectual power of try it cheepest levitra China.
written by Bob Wallace, August 30, 2009
Golmekker - I assume you're a Chinese guy cheering for your team.

Problem is, your approach is likely to do your team harm. Insulting other nationalities is just going to do your country no good.

Why not be a nicer person and simply tell us what you guys are producing and look there brand cialis without prescription buy let us make our decisions based on quality, not nationalistic crap?

(BTW, you're not all that well informed. BYD, a Chinese company, seems to be marketing a 4+ PHEV and has a 4+ EV about ready for the market.

Then there's the Nissan LEAF, a 4+ EV due to hit worldwide markets in about 12 months. So the Chinese don't have the lead all to themselves....)
written by Golmekker, August 31, 2009
Bob Wallace:
You are cheering for your team. China now almost owns the US. If it weren't for money borrowed from China you would be subsistence farming now.

Soon US currency no longer benchmark currency, to be replaced by China currency benchmark currency.smilies/grin.gif

This is New China Age of 21st Century
written by Bob Wallace, August 31, 2009
Golmekker (Joe, is that you?)

You are absolutely correct. I am cheering for my team.

Problem is, son, you haven't figured out who my team is.

Now, how about quit being an ass and contributing to this site?

written by Golmekker, September 01, 2009

I am guessing your team is a stray cat and dog in a lonely bedsit somewhere.
written by Bob Wallace, September 01, 2009
Well Joe, you're very wrong once more. But you do remain obnoxious. And disruptive.

So, tell you what, I'll let you and the ChineseWholesale spammers have your fun here.

I'll check back in a few weeks and see if the owner of this site has decided whether he wants it to be a site for productive discussion or a litter box....

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