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"Hm does the Oil industry have shares in GM? The only ones that really ..."

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GM Executive: Volt "Extremely Important," But So is Fuel Cell Technology

In an interview published in the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, GM's manager of Hydrogen and viagra no rx Electrical Infrastructure Development, Britta Gross, talked a little about GM's priorities.  Basically, it comes down to this:  they're depending on the generic cheap viagra Volt to revitalize the company, but they're also working hard on hydrogen fuel cell development.

Gross told the paper that the Volt was "extremely important" for the future of the company, saying "It will make people take a fresh look at General Motors and make them realize that this is a great car company..."  She noted that the Volt is still on track for a November 2010 launch and that the bankruptcy never interrupted their progress on buy viagra online the vehicle.

Even though the Volt is priority number one, Gross also explained that they're not betting it all on one idea.  She said the xenical canadian pharmacy company had a "very aggressive development program for the fuel cell...hydrogen gets you certain performance benefits that you don't get from other alternative fuels.  We can't just assume batteries are going to solve all our problems."

Speaking to their commitment to fuel cell technology, the company recently debuted their fifth generation fuel cell that is half the size of follow link viagra canda its predecessor.  Not only is it smaller and lighter, but it will also be cheaper.   GM reduced the amount of platinum used by more than 50 percent and will significantly up production, cutting the costs per unit.  The fuel cell, which will be introduced in 2015, is expected to reach 120,000 miles where the fourth generation only has a life of 80,000 miles.


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Fuel Cell car is an Electric Car
written by Ash, September 01, 2009
Don't forget the fact that Fuel Cell car is an electric car. Fuel cell car will have batteries too (smaller than plug-ins). They both have lots of common components and will leverage from each other.
written by marinus, September 01, 2009

Solving the environmental problems of overconsumption by buying green versions of the incredible range of crap you have, and want more of, won't work. Are your feet wet? Can you see pyramids? You're in the state of recommended site buy discount cialis online de nile.
written by M.Hat, September 01, 2009
Fuel cells are just a round about way to generate electricity. Electical charge stations already exist in the home and can be set up elsewhere at minimal expense. An infrastructure for hydrogen fuel will bandrupt us. Electricity can be produced renewably from many sources. Go direct with electricty and levitra from india cut out the obscenely fat hydrogen bubble which is try it cialis no rx just a red herring in the problem.
Hydrogen is dumb
written by bobbobberson, September 02, 2009
Sorry GM you're engineering goals are as poor as your style. Hydrogen fuel cells offer no advantages over batteries and a little engine powered by ethanol. Seriously look at the alternatives. What about Nat-Gas Electric Hybrid?

Oh and Chevy, your Volt looks like a crappy Nissan. You need to take Marking 101 from Apple. You are making a technology product. Do you want to be Microsoft or Apple? (okay Bill Gates is smokin' rich, but Steve Jobs is liked more)
written by Mark, September 02, 2009
H2 beats ICE but H2 is terrible inefficient in comparison to EV.
written by The Author, September 02, 2009
Leave it to an American car company to still think time, money and effort should be invested into a technology that has an expensive/energy-intensive fuel source that essentially can't be accessed from anywhere (when was the last time you saw a hydrogen filling station). And people want to keep GM afloat.
written by Miles, September 03, 2009
Hm does the Oil industry have shares in GM? The only ones that really think Hydrogen is a good idea are them, since they have to purchasing cialis sell something after Oil gets to scarce...

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