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"We are facing the problem of environmental pollution.After their use p..."

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New Life for Plastic as Fuel

A new company in Washington, DC, Envion, believes they've come up with a way to efficiently convert waste plastic into fuel by using carefully-controlled infra-red energy.  The $5-million plant was unveiled this morning.

The process that Envion has created is still tightly under wraps, but the plant includes a chemical reactor with internal agitators for mixing the liquid and i recommend soft gel levitra heating elements that deliver the necessary infra-red energy.  Since the infra-red energy is easily controlled, the process is very efficient.  The plant is able to cheap viagra alternative convert 82 percent of the viagra cialis online pharmacy waste into fuel and the resulting sludge is cheap cialis pill usable too.

The liquid can be mixed with other components to become gasoline or diesel.  Envion has already signed up one company to use their recycled oil as motor fuel and is negotiating contracts with others.

The plant can process all types of plastic except for #1 PET, which is easily recycled at a better value.  For each ton of viagra uk cheap waste, the plant can produce three to five barrels of fuel, with each barrel costing about $10 to make.

via Green Inc.

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so much for cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch
written by joe, September 16, 2009
I wonder how long it will take to get to #1 PETE...
I envision someone mining the great pacific garbage patch for an oil processor in the future if they can figure out how to order cialis without prescription process #1 PETE
Anything Into Oil
written by dialtone, September 16, 2009
I have been posting on this site for some time now about anything into oil - google it & read all about it - ALL plastics can be used - anything organic & carbon based
written by Below 2, September 16, 2009
China can pay for a lot of this itself. But to get the developing countries to move is going to take some serious cash.
written by nuvi, September 17, 2009
well, PET is a valuable resource that is easy to recycle. its alot better to recycle it than just use it for its embodied energy.
while there are alot of gasifiers capable of converting waste to fuel, i think its the efficiency of this plant thats what makes it news.
one ton to women viagra 3-5 barrels for 10 dollars each WOW
Does this mean the viagra herb alternative deposit on it's great! best place viagra bottles goes up to 10 cents?
written by ShimmerPop, September 18, 2009
This Plastic Refinery (PR)seems like it'd be way more difficult to assemble and pretend to operate than the Betting Parlor from that 70's movie "The Sting?"

Even so, who might could be "The Mark" on something like this? Taxpayers? Late stage investors?
written by Concerned, September 18, 2009
great... so we're replacing gasoline with burning plastics? how many chemicals are released doing this?
Not sure... CO2 anyone?
written by Robbert, September 18, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that something can be done about the huge pile of plastic that is filling up just about every clear spot on this world; but doesn't this create even more CO2 that gets blown into the atmosphere?
Recycling Association of Guam, President
written by Paul Tobiason, September 27, 2009
Why aren't the producers of plastics required to "de-construct" their products? It seems they can bank the profit but bear no responsibility for the end-of-life problem that the rest of us have to deal with. I'm glad Envion is trying to do this. We need such systems but it remains to canadian pharmacy be seen if it will really work as advertised in the long run....economically feasible and without environmental problems.
None (medically retired )
written by Richard Fletcher, October 01, 2009
I don't believe that the huge plastic garbage patch has to accommodate the use of a PET converter technology. Why not use
to convert all garbage into fuel for its own burners?
written by Bridgit, October 15, 2009
That mess is toxic. Burning plastic releases boat loads of dioxins and who knows that else.
Bio Diesel from Plastic
written by computer recycling and disposal, November 23, 2010
I heard there is we like it cialis prices an attempt to make bio diesel from plastic here in the UK - probably based on the same solution.
Environmental pollution
written by Muqaddas Tahira, December 13, 2011
We are facing the problem of environmental pollution.After their use people through polythelene outside their homes and it presents a very ugly scain.We need machines for recyling of polythene bags into oil.Please help us for providing such machines.Thanx

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