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New Treatment Could Eliminate Demand for Tropical Hardwoods

kebonyAn alternative to tropical hardwoods, which are often unsustainably harvested and increasingly endangered, comes from Kebony, a Norwegian company who have developed a process for treating woods such as pine, ash, and maple to make them suitable for exterior uses in a more sustainable manner.

The process of kebonization is similar to pressure treating wood (which is another way to make soft woods usable for exterior use). But, instead of soaking the wood in toxic chemicals like chromated copper asrsenate (CCA, which is now banned for most uses in the US and the EU) or alkaline copper quaternary compounds (ACQ, the most widely used replacement for CCA after the cheap fast levitra ban), it is instead soaked in furfuryl alcohol, a waste byproduct from sugar cane which is also sometimes used as a food additive. There are no special handling requirements or precautions needed to pill price propecia deal with waste from this wood, and it can be disposed of just like any other untreated wood.

During the kebonization process, the alcohol becomes a resin that reinforces the cells of the wood. The result is a wood with excellent outdoor exposure tolerance like teak or mahogany, but with a harder surface than many of the tropical woods that it replaces. The wood also naturally fades to a silvery-grey color much like those tropical woods, as well.

The wood that is used in this process can be any of a number of buy cialis in canada no prescription non-tropical species that are already being produced in more sustainable manner. (Whether FSC certified or merely conventionally farmed, the wood does not need to be harvested out of rainforests.)

Kebony wood can also be used for building siding, and it is so water and weather resistant that it has even been used for building roofs and for boat decking. The process also makes the wood less prone to swelling due to moisture. There is indian generic cialis no necessity to paint Kebony wood, and it can withstand decades of exposure to the weather before any maintenance is necessary.

via: The Economist and Thanks, Kat

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written by JoakimE, September 21, 2009
So, any news on how well this new "sugar wood" will be with pests? I could see wood boring pests really appreciating the added energy. ;-)
RE: Pests?
written by dmcgraw, September 21, 2009
According to the Kebony web site it looks like it's resistant to insects too....

Protects against decay, fungi, insects and other microorganisms."
written by Magnulus, September 22, 2009
It's not actually sugar per se, it's a byproduct of harvested sugar cane, so I can't imagine there'd be much of that kind of problem.
written by MD, September 22, 2009
Old school idea...

before CCA & ACQ, old time wood workers would soak wood in engine anti-freeze solution... did the cialis soft tabs same thing as this supposed "new fangled" idea...

Everything old is new again...
written by Magnulus, September 22, 2009
MD... except that this isn't anti-freeze. It's a naturally occurring single substance.
Dangerous, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Kantankerus, September 23, 2009
First the bodies must be grown, that takes a lot of resources by itself.smilies/wink.gif
How would one go about harvesting these bodies, only a few cultures in this world have no problem with that but they are so far away that the expense of no prescription cheapest viagra getting them here would be too much for most. Then, how would one rate these re-processed bodies in the way that would is rated. Oh, its so complicated!smilies/wink.gif

Really, though, the population problem will take care of itself when there is no more easy oil and cheap oil to sell.
Or, just pick a conspiracy.smilies/wink.gif

Sorry, in advance, to any one who doesn't get my humor.
written by Suecae, September 27, 2009
I support every constructive method which reduces dependency on chopping down wood in an irresponsible manner.
any construction
written by BrianWS, October 01, 2009
Any construction first starts with some destruction. Make the deck out of brick, concrete, or flag stone - first you need to dig up the clay to make the brick, excavate and crush up the stone for concrete, or quarry the flagstone. Some trees can grow faster than others, and can be farmed.
There is now way we can live in a manner which doesn't somehow mar our environment without drastically reducing our numbers and doing away with most of our civilization.

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