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Going to San Jose? Bring Your Own Shopping Bag

Reusable shopping bags have become ubiquitous.  They're available at almost every retail store you walk into, but the majority of Americans still aren't using them.  That may change soon as more and more cities are taking away the choice and making them a necessity.

On Tuesday, the City of San Jose voted to place a ban on buy viagra now online all plastic and paper bags at stores.

The ban won't go into effect until 2011 - after a lengthy environmental review of its impact.  This will allow all retailers and consumers to become prepared in time.  For stores who still want to offer shoppers a one-time use option, bags made from at least 40 percent recycled materials can be made available, but at a fee.

Other cities, like San Francisco, have banned plastic bags or levied a tax on them, but San Jose is the first to only for you buy viagra in europe take action on paper ones.  China's ban on plastic bags, while not strictly adhered to, still resulted in 40 billion less bags being used and cut their petroleum use by 1.6 million tons.

We might see more cities inacting these types of bans very soon. It seems plastic bags are starting to go the way of the incandescent bulb.  In June, the U.N.'s Environment Program Chief called for a global ban on plastic bag production.

via Treehugger

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Plastic bag tax
written by Mark, September 24, 2009
I agree with phasing out the use of plastic bags but perhaps an outright ban is not the cash on delivery for tramadol best idea. I am Canadian and dreampharmaceuticalscom levitra order living in a democratic capitalist nation I understand things in a capitalist context. I think that plastic bags should be banned eventually but why not use the banning of cialis canada these bags as an opportunity for green education. What do people understand in a capitalist economy? Answer: money. So first, make the bags cost money. The government taxes plastic bags and the retailer by law passes that expense on to the customer. This has been done in Toronto. Every time I go to the grocery store I either have to bring a reusable bag or pay 50 cents for 10 crappy plastic bags. This might not seem like a deterrent but it is. In Toronto reusable bags are more then a fad; they have become the norm. Now people in Toronto don't want to use plastic bags because they are expensive and they associate that expense with their impact on the environment. If the Toronto municipal government had of done an outright ban it would not have created the generic cialis canadian sympathy needed in the green movement. Also, governments can generate much needed revenue that way. Appeal to what capitalist understand: their wallets.
Don't be so hasty!
written by M.Hat, September 24, 2009
Used plastic bags from stores are commonly used to hold garbage and are thereby disposed of at the local dump. They take up next to no space at the dump and will decompose in time. If you can't get these bags from stores, homeowners will have to buy them new from somewhere. So the proposed “good” that is link for you lowest priced viagra supposedly served by banning them from stores is offset by the increased manufacture of similar bags and by an increased cost and bother for ordinary consumers. There’s a lot of strange people about who hate plastic bags just on general principles. Don't let them take control and foist their half-baked ideas on the rest of us. Plastic is good, if used properly and sale levitra properly disposed of. Just like nylon stocking and all the other things we've invented to make our life better.
Dont throw those old plastic bags away
written by Fellow, September 24, 2009
Used plastic bags can be turned into nutritious food through a revolutionary new process developed in China (in Zian Zhou province). Only 100 plastic bags is sufficient to produce the nutrition requirements for a person for an entire day.

The new process can create food with chicken, duck, lychee flavors.

written by bill, September 26, 2009
If people will be required to bring their own bags to stores then the average person will buy and bring disposable plastic bags to the store.

Is the government going to pass a law on only best offers real levitra without a prescription what types of bags customers can use?

Environmental Impact
written by Ken Holmes, September 28, 2009
My guess is that the generic levitra without prescription "lengthy" environmental impact study will show that a ban is a BAD idea. Plastic bag bans are a knee jerk feel-good reaction to good choice levitra 30 mg litter. But they aren't the best solution. Reusable bags also consume energy to manufacture, and create pollution. With more and more of them on the market every day, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing reusables littered on the side of the road. Most are made of plastic which isn't accepted at most recycling centers. Maybe we should think before we ban.
I am all for LINEN reusable bags.... BUT
written by Rom, September 29, 2009
When I was stationed in Germany back in 1987. In the local markets, you had to bring your own bag. There was no plastic bag option at the time and they did not provide paper bags. This just worked and it was the norm. I was ok with that and still am.

But we are kind of stuck in a catch 22 with this issue. If we get rid of plastic bags, how will you protect your cloth bags from drippy bloody meat? If you don't, you'll have to wash them consuming water and electricity every time you do.

You will also have to get rid of produce bags. people seem to have forgotten about them. They are plastic as well.

written by Jessilynn, December 14, 2009
this is a good idea, but it is wrong. you shouldnt have to be made to buy something if you can get it for free!
you shouldnt
written by This e-mail address is cialis alternative being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , January 01, 2010
Answer: money. So first, make the bags cost money. The government taxes plastic bags and the retailer by law passes that expense on to the customer. This has been done in Toronto.
Sturdy Reusable Shopping Bags from Reclaimed Fabrics - Made in San Jose!
written by Carl, February 28, 2010
Green Silicon Valley innovation again! We are the first of our kind....made in SJ. Our philosophy is simple, why use something only once if you can use it again? This not only reduces the amount of virgin materials used, but also keeps materials out of wow)) buy viagra online australia the landfills. So, our products are made from reclaimed fabrics and using cialis made to be used over and over.
It's about time that a global stand is taken on the issue
written by Kritika Nair, April 09, 2012
I feel that it is about time that a global stand be taken on the issue. Here in Mumbai, India, plastic bags were banned and those selling it were penalized Rs. 500, approximately 10 dollars but because laws weren't strict, the drive failed miserably. Plastic bags continue to be a part of daily life.

Strictly laws need to be put into place and a global stand needs to be taken on the same. Plastic takes approximately 500 years to decay and is already a huge problem.

Jute bags or even eco-friendly paper bags could be the answer to this issue but people need to be educated or else such endeavors won't succeed.
Action should be taken
written by shivangigupta, July 30, 2014
It is really great idea to stop polly bags because it's not eco friendly. So worldwide we should take action on it and should teach the people about it.I agree with kritika nair. the jute bags can be a option instead of polly bag.

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