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Take a Climate Change Tour on Google Earth

Ahead of the Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen (a.k.a. COP15), Google Earth is launching a series of layers that allow users to look at possible future climate scenarios depending on our actions now.  One new layer is a guided tour of potential climate change effects narrated by none other than Al Gore.

The other layers show climate projections, including temperature and precipation changes, in a low emissions scenario and a high emissions scenario.  In the next few weeks, Google plans on we use it order prescription levitra adding layers that show solutions for dealing with these changes.

In addition to these new layers, Google has also launched their own YouTube channel for COP15.  Users can submit questions and opinions, and the highest rated of those will be broadcast at the conference and during the COP15 CNN/YouTube debate in December.


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Al Gore Is A Falsehood Person!, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by LoveEarthAlways, September 26, 2009
This may be the levitra woman greatest production on the planet, but as long as Al Gore is a part of it, this series will continue to polarize people over an issue of human survival that should have nothing to do viagra discount with politics and everything to we recommend levitra 50 mg tablets do with stewardship of the Earth and the future of where to buy viagra forum mankind.
Positive action
written by Suecae, September 26, 2009
Good initiative by Google. I'll make sure to pass this on.
written by Saar the climate change star, December 10, 2009
This ad is simple yet suavely effective. I like the fact that it gives a big world vision that will make one feel like he or she is a part of a whole and that one must unite with the rest of the world to make saving the world an ultimate possibility.

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