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OCT 18

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"Ditto Louise! I live in Jefferson Twp in Logan County Ohio and the bi..."

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Take a Peak at Ohio’s First Wind Farm

The Electric Division in Bowling Green, Ohio has added a webcam to their website.  Sorry, no sexy females on this webcam.  Instead you have a few attractive wind turbines 24 hours a day seven days a week.  If you really want to levitra online cheap seem some action, now is the how much does cialis cost time to check this web cam out.  Fall is one of the windiest seasons, so you will most likely see these turbines live and in motion. 

The Bowling Green Wind Farm was constructed in late 2003 with two 1.8 MW wind turbines.  In 2004 two more turbines were added and now the total output from this wind farm is 7.2 MW.  These wind turbines are said to be one of the largest turbines west of the Rockies.  Similar units are in Wyoming and California.  In 2005 a solar-powered kiosk was added to the farm.  In this kiosk guests can view the turbines’ power output, as well as the specifications of the turbines.  You can even view a video of the turbines’ construction. 

The webcam is attached to the roof of the kiosk and it moves from turbine to turbine zooming in and out so you can really get up-close and personal with these green machines.  For those you are not fortunate enough to live near a wind farm, you can now watch them 24/7.

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Go Green Wind Farm!
written by Matt, October 10, 2007
Go Ohio! What beautiful sight to wow)) cialis 50 mg tablets see. Finally some green wind farms in Ohio.
written by Louise Tesseo, January 03, 2008
My husband and I have live in the the most beautiful place in the western mountains of Maine.The mountains are protected above 2700 feet. Corporate america has moved in to maine and wants to cover our pristine untouched mountains,basically blow are mountains to smitherines. Wind power only produces at 20% of its capacity and we loss are mountains for that.I say put these things where they belong next to a oil fired power plant. The guys that want the it's cool cialis cialis online 410 foot wind turbines own the coal fired power plants.I think there is alot of people getting rich with the global warming histaria AND BLOWING UP WHAT WE HAVE LEFT ON THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANTET.Look up the facts on National Wind Watch,or Stop Very worried about the misconceptions they impose.I have been in opposition of the Black Nubble Project for years now and they will make a decision January 14,08 Kibby Mountain will also be decided on that day,Heres hoping we can save our mountains.Louise Tesseo
written by Keith Nason, September 04, 2008
Ditto Louise! I live in Jefferson Twp in Logan County Ohio and the big energy boys want to put up turbines on all of our glacial ridges. Never mind the health problems, or all the people who happen to live there. Never mind the studies (ie:nearby Honda) that proved the levitra forums where can i purchase wind was not adequate. Never mind the fact the 90% OF THE RESIDENTS DON'T WANT THEM. Get those subsidies and tax write-offs then disappear!! Here's hoping the state will wake up and smell the bull***t.

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