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Apple Raises Bar for Environmental Disclosure

Apple has bowed to pressure and has updated the environment section of its website to include its must inclusive GHG emissions information to what is the cost of cialis date.  The company tallies together the entire lifecycle emissions of high quality levitra its products to come up with their total:  10.2. million metric tons per year.

Apple breaks down the lifecycle emissions of its products into percentages for each phase:  manufacturing 38 percent, transportation 5 percent, product use 53 percent, recycling 1 percent and facilities 3 percent.

Unlike many other leading tech companies, Apple includes product use in its total emissions.  HP and Dell have published their annual emissions as 8.4 million tons and 471,000 tons respectively - numbers lower than Apple - but they don't include the full lifecycle of their products.  This new level of disclosure by Apple could put pressure on it's great! on line pharmacy other companies to reveal the same information.

The new environment section has pages with information on the Life Cycle Impact, Product Usage Impact and Environmental Reports on all of its currently-shipping products and even check the wow look it buy pfizer viagra online archives for information on older models.  They also show how hourly product use emissions have improved over the years (a 2006 MacBook Pro is responsible for 21.44g of CO2 per hour of use while the 2008 MacBook Pro is only responsible for 12.57g).

Check out the new section here and let us know if you think Apple is helping to promote better transparency or if they could do even better.


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