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OCT 06

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"I currently have the TED 1001, which is a nice device that's help me c..."

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Google PowerMeter Finds a Gadget Partner

Before now, the Google PowerMeter software could only estimate your energy use, unless you happened to be a customer of the handful of utilities it was working with.  That has changed.  The company announced yesterday that they have partnered with The Energy Detective (TED), allowing you to bypass your utility and get regularly-updated energy use information.

The TED 5000 device costs about $200 and you'll need an electrician to install it, but once that's done, it wil connect to the internet and feed all your electricity use to the PowerMeter program online at home or via iGoogle on your mobile phone.  The TED device sends updates to PowerMeter every 10 minutes compared to only for you cialis 6 free samples regular smart meters which often only dispaly processed energy data only once a day.

People who already own a TED device can download an upgrade to start using the PowerMeter software.

This partnership is meeting a great need because it lets consumers review their electricity use in real-time, over their own broadband connection, allowing them to make changes to their current energy consumtption instead of making changes in hindsight.  But the companies aren't looking to exclude power companies.  TED and Google are both still working with utilities to build smart meter networks.

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Microsoft Hohm
written by Elliott, October 06, 2009
I prefer Microsoft Hohm (I'm biased) however Hohm is free and there are some really cool developments that are going to be coming out shortly. That will help push this kind of tech forward as well.
I might have to upgrade
written by Jeff, October 07, 2009
I currently have the TED 1001, which is a nice device that's help me cut my power bills in half. However, it's main drawback is cialis online pharamacy that it has to be connected to a running computer 24/7 in order to log detailed historical data. And along with wasting energy/money keeping the computer on, you also have to pay an extra $45 for the software. So I've opted against recording detailed usage data. (It does store daily and monthly usage, daily/monthly peak power, and some other stuff without connecting to a computer.)

However, this new TED 5000 apparently can store a couple days worth of pill prescription propecia data (at 1-minute intervals; longer if the intervals are longer), which means as long as you turn on your computer once every couple days, you'll be able to download all your usage data. (I've emailed the company that makes TED 5000 to confirm this, so I'll post again if this is incorrect.)

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