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OCT 18

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"Sewer pipes centripetal force = clean up on aisle 5. It's possible ..."

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Shape-Shifting Building Generates It's Own Electricity


This is one of the oddest concept buildings I have ever seen.  Every one of its six stories is designed to slowly spin in the wind independently of all the other stories.  So the building will, as the wow)) non generic viagra wind blows, slowly change shape, the view from each room will frequently change, and the power of the wind will be converted to the best choice professional levitra online electricity by generators in the base of purchase discount cialis the building.
It might not be the nicest place to be in a hurricane, but it would be an excellent place to be during a Jackie Chan movie. The concept was created by Michael Jantzen, and this first version shown is designed to be a kind of public pavilion. This webpage has a ton of amazing renders of the building but, looking at them, I'm having a hard time figuring out how one gets from one floor to the next.

Via TreeHugger
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Dead link
written by Dave, October 18, 2006
The link to the webpage is get pharmacy dead.

I'm curious how much wind would be needed to shift the floor of a building. Is this just an artist's concept? Or has real engineering been done around this?
Would it move.
written by rob, October 19, 2006
The correct link is:

The active surface area looks pretty small, so I should think that you would need a pretty strong wind to rotate each section, unless they were just empty shells.

You could move from floor, to floor, by having a central elevator, that locked into each floor, and rotated to cialis philippines the correct orientation.

A pretty idea, but not very practical, probably designed on a computer, by someone with no actual practical engineering experience.
Motion-Sickness Lawsuit?
written by Matt, October 19, 2006
I'm thinking you don't want to build one of these on the Gulf Coast.

Can you imagine coming home from a hard night of partying to find the room really IS spinning?

I'll leave it to you folks to come up with references to Dramamine (tm) and "tragic" news stories.

God, I love this story! :D
I'd be more concerned about the plumbing
written by Webster, November 26, 2007
Sewer pipes centripetal force = clean up on aisle 5.

It's possible that the buy generic viagra online whole building has a non-rotating core where the kitchen and viagra available in india bathrooms are and each floor uses a brush-style system to keep the power (ahem) flowing.

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