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OCT 21

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"I agree with you Green Ninja! We get to watch the Battle Royale betwee..."

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Microsoft Hohm Gets First Utility Partner

Microsoft announced on its blog recently that Seattle City Light will be the first utility to offer customers the ability to monitor their energy consumption with the Hohm application.  Customers who sign up for the look there cheap cialis online service will receive automatic data feeds on their energy use through the online software.  All other users of the software can still enter their energy information manually.

Hohm's major competitor, Google's PowerMeter, has been partnered with a handful of utilities for a few months now, but recently, Google made their software available to users of the TED 3000 devices, allowing customers to skip their utility and click here viagra info get their energy use information directly.

As this is Microsoft's first full-fledged partnership for the application, it will be interesting to see if they answer Google's move and come out with their own gadget venture.

Hohm, from first impressions, appears to be a much slicker and comprehensive software than PowerMeter.  I'm excited to viagra discounts see how it performs when linked with its first utility.

via Microsoft Environment Blog

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written by Amy Thomson, October 21, 2009
This is really cool! I live in Seattle, and I look forward to being able to test this.
Apple iPower Meters are Better
written by Fred, October 21, 2009
Oh wow. A Microsoft power meter. We can look forward to system crashes, regular cold starts and automatic updates.

Folks - it is best to wait for the release of Apple's iPower. It has a cool touch screen interface and uses cooler electrons.
written by Patrick, October 22, 2009
Really great to hear this. Hohm seems like it has a lot of potential beyond what Google is already doing. Just another technology battle that it will be interested to see who wins or if they coexist together.
We all win
written by Green Ninja, October 22, 2009
Regardless of which company comes out on fast cialis top, this is a war in which I think everyone wins. The forced competition between Microsoft and Google to produce an application with synergistic form and function will only help make it easier for the consumer to get involved and professional viagra online use it effectively to help see where they can cut energy use.

Somebody put a tick in the positive column for capitalism.
written by Matthew McDonough, October 22, 2009
I agree with you Green Ninja! We get to watch the Battle Royale between the legend Microsoft and the rising star Google, and we get to win whatever the outcome!

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