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OCT 23

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"i totally love the cialis canada price design, but they really have a terrible high price!..."

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A Bladeless Fan?

dysonairmultiplierThe Dyson Air Multiplier fan is the latest invention to come from Sir James Dyson, father of the Dyson vacuum cleaner series and selling cialis online the Dyson Airblade hand dryer. Air Multiplier is a 'bladeless' fan that provides a smooth airflow and that induces air circulation in the surrounding air, getting a greater effect of air movement.

It's not necessarily a more efficient fan than other fans (Dyson doesn't have any information about the relative efficiency of their fan on their website yet), but it's certainly an innovative design, and that could make it more acceptable to have a fan in a space, where a conventional bladed fan might be objectionable. The noise level from this fan is also not indicated yet. The sleek appearance of the Air Multiplier also makes it easier to cialis generico clean than bladed fans. However, the Air Multiplier is not truly 'bladeless.' The blades are just concealed in the base of the unit.

Fans can be a far more efficient method of cooling than air conditioning. Moving air can provide a cooling effect with much less energy use. The Air Multiplier offers a stylish way to do this. While it has just been released, and availability is limited, it will be interesting to see if the performance of this fan makes it a real winner, rather than an expensive curiosity.

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Very, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Windy Miller, October 28, 2009
Hey what is this marketing gimmick.. compressed air blower anyone?
Go Sir James!
written by Carol Shetler, November 08, 2009
I have personally benefited from both of official canadian pharmacy Sir James' most important inventions to date. Six of the fabulous Dyson Airblade hand dryers were just installed in the washroom of the commuter train station I use regularly. Messy water dripping all over the overnight viagra delivery floor has dropped by about 70% already. The washroom is much more pleasant to use and we can get out faster now too with clean and really, really dry hands.

If I had a large property, I would happily install a whole wind farm of his newest invention, the bladeless fan. It is attractive as well as functional.
Engadget Coverage
written by Mike, November 12, 2009
I remember reading about this in Engadget. From what I've read, it uses Dyson vacuum technology in the base, meaning the blades are relocated, not removed. As far as noise level goes, I've heard it's like any other vacuum. Oh, well.
written by Sherwyn, December 14, 2009
They installed one of those Dyson Hand Dryers at a newly built movie theater where I live. I saw them for the first time over the summer and half the people in the restroom weren't sure what the heck to do with them at first.
bladeless fans
written by bladeless fan, July 26, 2011
i totally love the design, but they really have a terrible high price!! They just seemed really cool. Obviously I wouldn't buy one, you know, not everyone has $500 to drop on a fan.
Recently,i have seen some similar bladeless fans from China.They're on sale with cheap price. Does anyone here bought one of these? Do you think it's worthful?

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