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OCT 23

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"Sheesh! Isn't it obvious whether or not it's windy where you live. Ju..."

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Need to Measure Wind Speed? There's an App for That

The potential of small-scale wind power is starting to be discussed more.  Soon, like small-scale solar installations, wind turbines will be springing up in backyards and buying cialis online safely on rooftops.  If you're thinking that you'd like to be one of the people with a turbine out back, you'll need to assess the wind speeds around your house.  Luckily, as the commercials say, there's an app for that.

A new iPhone app by Mariah Power lets you measure wind speeds around you by simply holding your phone in the air.  The program uses the microphone to pick up the noise of the wind and then calculates the speed based on decibel level.  The program filters out ambient sound, but you need to avoid louder noises like lawn mowers for the app to read the breeze - or the gust if you're wanting to crank out some watts.

The company claims the levitra brand name measurements are accurate within 1.5 mph.  Once you take your measurements, you can share them on generic viagra propecia a map to help them build a database of wind maps.

While this app is cool, it is also a blatant marketing tool for Mariah's Windspire residential wind turbine.  The 1.2-kW turbine is 30 feet tall and works in areas with average wind speeds of 10 mph or greater.  The company recommends calculating wind speeds over the course of a year before deeming your home turbine-suitable.

via Green Inc.

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great innovation
written by Jocelyn, October 24, 2009
Great to see iphone applications that assist environmental causes being created! I am going to write a blog about this and other apps that help ppl go green on my blog! check it out and I agree with the post above keep spam comments off of cialis low price your stories!
Wind database
written by Pontianac, October 25, 2009
Why would anyone want to use this toy application when a national database is available with this data and much more?
wind speed
written by nelle, October 26, 2009
Omg technology has improved so much that youre able to stick the phone in the air and measrue the wind speed.
written by Richard, October 27, 2009
With federal tax credits and follow link cialis to order state rebates motivating people to levitra canada online pharmacy turn to the green side, we may need more than wind-measuring devices to cope up with new technologies that generate more and more electricity.
Isn't it obvious
written by Windy Miller, October 28, 2009
Sheesh! Isn't it obvious whether or not it's windy where you live. Just stand outside once in while. No wind don't bother.

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