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OCT 19

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"They can either increase sales by adding more and purchase viagra in canada more fire-prone elec..."

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Fiber Optics and Planes: Duh.

fiber optic cables for planesFalling under the category of cessation of stupidity disguised as innovation we have fiber-optic retrofitting of airplanes.  Yes, that's right, every wire on almost every commercial airplane is insulated copper.  Over 100 miles of insulated copper per plane.  Insulated copper that is heavy, prone to fire and electromagnetic interference, and difficult to track problems with.

Why oh why have we done this to ourselves. An industry that cut the best price viagra online lettuce out of its meals to save weight didn't think of changing over to fiber optics which would save hundreds of pounds while making planes safer and easier to maintain.  Well, they're doing it now.  All of Boeing's next generation planes will be using optical communications, saving hundreds of pounds and thousands gallons of viagra alternative gasoline.

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Aeroplane manufacturers
written by GTW, October 23, 2006
They can either increase sales by adding more and more fire-prone electronics onboard so more people will take their "high-tech"/high-entertainment rides OR they can improve the safety levels which people don't have a clue about. If the manufacturers go with the first, they increase their sales more than enough to best canadian pharmacy pay off damages in the event of a disaster. So companies rather care about making more money.

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