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NOV 09

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"Wow! A plane that runs on bio-fuel; why not!? that’s great news! ..."

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KLM Testing Biofuels on Passenger Flight

As many of us in the U.S. are planning our Thanksgiving menus, Dutch airline company KLM is planning the first biofuel flight with passengers on board.  On November 23, a Boeing 747 will take off running on a 50/50 combination of biofuel and cheap canadian pharmacy jet fuel.

The biofuel being used in this test flight will be made from camelina, a feedstock that produces 84 percent less emissions than regular jet fuel and has proven to be a low-impact crop, requiring less water and fertilizer and can grow in areas where food crops won't be displaced.

Other test flights have been done using other feedstocks like jatropha and without passengers with positive results, but this will be the the best place generic cialis sale first using a purely camelina biofuel and with people (other than the pilot) onboard.

via KLM

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written by BareBeliever, November 09, 2009
Way to raise the bar on fuel efficiency! If all goes well with the flight (and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it does) then this could be a major breakthrough for eco-friendly alternatives in the realm of buying viagra without prescription transportation!
A few points to levitra 50 mg tablets clear up...
written by Queeg, November 10, 2009
Is it "running on a 50/50 combination of biofuel and jet fuel" or " the first using a purely camelina biofuel?"

Is it a blend, different fuels in different tanks, or an error? How could you get an '84% less emissions' using 50% biofuel?

I assume the '84% less emissions' refers to fossil carbon in a pure camelina biofuel vs regular jet fuel.

The article says 747 but shows a 737. Both aircraft have two pilots, not 'a' pilot.

written by Richard, November 10, 2009
Nice post. I think any achievement in the study of biofuel is an achievement worthy of praise. It's a step closer to fuel-efficiency anyway.
great news
written by Mark, November 10, 2009
This is a great step forward. We could soon see 100% bio fuel flights. This would also mean more stable supplies of fuel meaning low cost flights.
written by Richard Margle, November 13, 2009
Rentec an american company is already making a clean bio-fuel.The Airforce recently flew a B-52 off a 50-50 blend and LAX has signed a contract to run all it's ground vechiles off of it.Now thats news!!
written by christmas gifts, December 02, 2009
Yep, this is KLM. The colour is blue but the promotion is green. Greenwash better to say. In fact only 1 of 4 engines are running on biofuel, so roughly 12,5% green and 87,5% as usuall. Some time ago KLM anounced to work on flying without any CO2-emissions. Great, but just some compensation. 6,50 euro per person for a flight New York Amsterdam.
Biofuel waste
written by JJ Joseph, December 05, 2009
Biofuels, including ethanols & biodiesels, are an incredible waste of energy & resources. Let's hope this project dies an early death.
written by ayie, October 10, 2012
Wow! A plane that runs on bio-fuel; why not!? that’s great news!

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