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OCT 19

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"Having a crew would make something like that easier to handle. I'm su..."

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TransAtlantic Solar Cat

Solar Cat
That's catamaran, not kitty, in case you were wondering. I'm not sure what the use of this really is, besides a display of technology, as most catamarans already run on a renewable resource, the wind in their sails.  But the Sun21, which sleeps six and buy viagra order will be crossing the Atlantic ocean in under a year, will be the first vessel to cross an ocean using nothing but photovoltaic power.

The consortium sponsoring the effort, Transatlantic21, has this to say for itself: "Demonstrating the potential of solar power is the is it legal to bye viagra from canada objective of Transatlantic21. In September 2006, sun21, which has been constructed specifically for this purpose, will begin its journey from Basel to New York. It will be the first solar boat ever to cialis on sale cross the Atlantic: entirely dependent on sunlight, not consuming one drop of gasoline."

Via TreeHugger

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Private boats
written by Celia, October 19, 2006
Does anyone know if there are plans for solar-powered private boats of any sort?
Pray for sun.
written by rob, October 20, 2006
It would be a bit worrying if in the middle of ordering viagra mail illegal the Atlantic, you hit a couple of weeks of cloudy weather.
Break out the paddles lads, it's a long way home. ;D
written by Celia, October 20, 2006
Having a crew would make something like that easier to handle. I'm sure it's exciting for the ones on this virgin voyage.

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