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DEC 01

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"omg. wow. i want one. would it be worth it to trade my '98 subaru fore..."

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Nissan Doubling Battery Capacity by 2015

Nissan has announced that Nissan and Renault electric cars will have double today's battery capacity by 2015.  That means that the  range for cars like the Leaf should double by that time as well.

The big change that will bring about this leap in battery capacity is a transition to usefull link levitra tablet an NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide cathode) battery.  The company is in the late stages of development on the new battery and its introduction should be quick since the manufacturing process is very close to that of their current battery.

Cobalt is expensive, but its only used sparingly and Nissan claims the cost of their batteries won't be doubling with the online pharmacies that sell tramadol capacity.  Many  electronics companies (Panasonic, Sanyo, Hitachi, Samsung, etc.) are experimenting with NMC batteries as well, so it looks like electric cars won't be the only thing that will see a jump in run time in five years.

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Why would they double the range?
written by Anthony, December 01, 2009
To me, it would seem to be a better idea to increase the battery a bit (100/130 mi hwy/city range) and then reduce the weight and volume the battery takes up in the car. This way you still provide a noticeable increase over the first gen Leaf, while reducing price ($/kWh go down).
written by GGTD, December 02, 2009
Does anyone know of an impact study of the hybrid car batteries? Specifically, what if every car had a full set of batteries and then got sent to the junkyard.
NMC has been around for a while
written by KenZ, December 02, 2009
NMC cells are fairly prevalent in many laptop and power tool battery cells. I don't see NMC doubling the capacity over pure cobalt cells. They could easily double the total energy over LFP (iron phosphate cells, e.g. A123). LFP, while a lot less expensive, suffers from both lower capacity and lower average voltage, thus the total stored energy is cialis 6 free samples a lot less. But, not sure that's what Nissan is currently using.
written by Scooter, December 14, 2009
it is good that a car that is better for the enviromnet will last longer!
written by Brii, December 30, 2009
omg. wow. i want one. would it be worth it to trade my '98 subaru forester for an electric car? hmm...something to think about.

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