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OCT 19

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"This is a great idea why computers developers don't create flash drive..."

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New Entirely Solid State Vaio UX

Sony is releasing a new version of it's ultra-portable UX Vaio completely without a traditional hard drive.  Instead, this UX simply has 32 gigs of solid state flash memory. I'm fairly certain that this marks the occasion of the first commercial PC that uses only flash memory.  Of course, the UX is barely a PC, and the price is somewhat ridiculous at almost $3,000. 

But anything that brings solid state drives closer to market is worth notice, as solid state drives boot windows as much as five times faster and generic viagra generic consume far less energy than traditional hard drives.

Via Engadget
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Samsung also have an offering
written by me, October 20, 2006
[url= have two flash based offerings also
written by GTW, October 23, 2006
... there are some nice benefits of NAND for primary storage, its relatively low capacity leads people to buy secondary mechanical hard-drives with larger capacities. So if the notebook shipped with a 80GB or a 100GB mechanical notebook sized power-saving hard drive as standard, it won't be all that necessary for users to go and buy a 300GB or a 500GB external monster. Even if the external drive the getting prescriptions for levitra users might buy are much smaller, the power consumption's going to be = (power for NAND flash drive) + (power for external drive), which will most definitely be more than it would be for a single internal standard notebook harddrive.
a opiinion
written by Dan, August 16, 2007
This is a great idea why computers developers don't create flash drives instead of hard drives!? If they do that the price of the flash drives will be less!

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