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DEC 30

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"If there was any real advantage to driving an Electric Vehicle the str..."

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All Londoners Will be Within a Mile of a Charging Station by 2015

London mayor Boris Johnson launched a new plan called the Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan for London that will allow all Londoners to canadian viagra generic be within one mile of an electric vehicle charging station in five years.

The plan calls for the installation of 25,000 charging points at public, residential and commercial spaces by 2015 in order to encourage the viagra uk delivery addition of 100,000 EVs within the city ASAP.  The city government is doing their part by committing to add 1,000 EVs to the Greater London Authority fleet over five years.

This is another aggressive move by the city to clean up their transportation.  The city successfully instituted congestion pricing in 2003, added hybrid double-decker buses, converted the Scotland Yard fleet to hybrids and air-powered vehicles and is testing state of the art fuel-efficiency technology.

With its track history, I have little doubt the city will meet its EV goals and can only hope that their ambition will rub off on the rest of the world's major cities (and small cities, and suburbs...).

via Treehugger

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written by Josh, January 01, 2010
...and how's all that extra needed electricity being generated? My only - and it's a big beef - with electric vehicles is what powers it. In America at least, it's still mainly coal or slightly better, natural gas. So, sure, no more exhaust in the downtown - a win. But, now we still burn the same old dirty fuel to power the clean cars.

So, what's London's plans for what is going to buy viagra online cheap power this infrastructure. I sure hope it's a good mix of renewable + nuclear.
written by Timetrvlr, January 01, 2010
I really admire their leadership in cleaning up the city's transportation system. They are a fine example for other cities. Small, rechargeable electric autos are a great idea in urban settings.
Charging Electric Vehicles
written by Wind Technician, January 02, 2010
All of these electric vehicles need to be charged with renewable energy sources to realize their full potential. The Euro-zone has been seeing rapid investments in wind technology and I think its great. Wind powering electric vehicles while producing more local green jobs is what it is all about right?
Energy mix
written by Moderngreenollie, January 03, 2010
I agree with Josh above, although it's a minor carp because the UK's energy mix can change and is changing. However I'd be interested to know at what point it becomes greener to a) make energy, convert it into electricity and make a car move than b) use normal petrol to power the car. How much of the UK energy mix needs to be non-fossil fuel before it becomes better - anyone know?
The Holy Grail
written by Global Patriot, January 03, 2010
To echo previous comments, the ultimate objective is to it's cool viagra side effects electrify transportation using renewable energy sources. Hats off to London for pushing the developed world in that direction. Leading by example is what all municipalities should strive for.
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, January 04, 2010
That goal seems very difficult to reach, but it would be quite remarkable if it does happen. And like you said, I too hope that they determination spreads across the viagra online sales world.
Greener option
written by Andy, January 06, 2010
Even if coal or oil is used to generate the electricity that powers these vehicles, there is still roughly a one third drop in the CO2 compared to a petrol powered car since power stations are more efficient. And as the percentage of renewable power increases the situation improves further. Small steps towards a sustainable future.
written by Simon, January 06, 2010
The UK is investing massively in wind and wave energy. Due to it's location in the North Atlantic it has some of the roughest seas around the Scottish coast and very high winds.

Londoners haven't forgotten a deadly smog in December 1952 which lasted four days caused by coal fires. It's estimated that it killed 4000 people.
Concerned Engineer
written by Chuck Gallup, January 07, 2010
If there was any real advantage to driving an Electric Vehicle the streets would be full of them. There isn't any EV advantage. Just lots of disadvantages like limited range. Too expensive. Etc.


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