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JAN 05

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"There are also new sensors being installed in wind parks that, aside f..."

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Spying on the Environment, C.I.A. Style

Environment spy.  Now that sounds like an amazing job.  Spending your days examining images from spy satellites, holding clandestine meetings with scientists.  What's the Arctic up to now?  We're watching you, rainforests.

What I just described isn't an idea for a new "green" James Bond, it's actually happening.  C.I.A. spies and levitra pill price top environmental scientists are working together to monitor climate change around the world using the agency's high-tech sensitive instruments (reconnaissance satellites and other classified sensors).

The partnership idea isn't new - it was shut down by the Bush administration years ago, but now it's come back to life.  The C.I.A. is making data gathered by their instruments available to scientists to examine the cialis for sale in us effects of climate change, like the movement of polar ice.  The classified images are collected during the course of regular intelligence gathering and then passed onto scientists who've received secret clearance.

The great thing about this program is that it's virtually free.  The C.I.A. already has the satellites and sensors out there regularly collecting images, so nothing new has to online generic cialis be done but to analyze what's there.  The spies and scientists involved hope to not only be able to figure out what effects have happened, but predict future environmental impact.

via NY Times

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This was how we learned of the shrinking Aral Sea
written by Umlud, January 05, 2010
It was partly due to CIA spy satellites of near-by nuclear weapons firing sites and biological warfare factories that we first learned about the declining Aral Sea water levels.

Still, this is pretty cool. How can one get a job with this?
Putting Heads Together
written by Cadence, January 06, 2010
It great to see unrelated specialists work together. By sharing information all can benefit greatly. I'm sure the CIA agent too can appreciate greenery & eco-conservation when they aren't busy with work.
Make the order propica data freely available
written by keith, January 06, 2010
I just hope they all learn from the Climate Gate ongoing matter and publish all the source data and images to the public before deriving conclusions from it.

This is a chance for science to be really open and demonstrate a willingness to see the scientific process play out properly.
Spying on scientists
written by Eric, January 06, 2010
This is just a ploy to spy on scientists in the guise of providing data to them.
New Sensors
written by Wind Technician, January 06, 2010
There are also new sensors being installed in wind parks that, aside from measuring wind direction, wind speed and click here levitra without perscription barometric pressure, can also measure CO2. Some of the new fancy ones use lasers to pick up this information up to a mile ahead of the wind turbine that they are placed on.

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