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JAN 08

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Why Antarctica Isn't Melting Like the Arctic...Yet

You've probably noticed that you read a lot of stories on Arctic melt, how quickly it's progressing, opening up shipping lanes and levitra 100 mg hurriedly moving towards ice-free summers.  But what you don't read much about is melting of Antarctica's ice sheets.  If global warming is causing polar ice melt - why don't we hear about Antarctica?

Well, that's because the continent's ice sheets aren't melting that much - not yet.  Warming and melting are happening: the Antarctic peninsula is continually melting, the Wilkins ice shelf is collapsing, but overall the change is cialis buycialis onlin happening slowly (thankfully).

The reason for this is higher temperatures are mainly occuring during the winter and spring instead of the summer when almost all of the melt happens.  The summer has been shielded from warming by strong circumpolar winds.  Stronger winds act like a cold air seal, keeping warm air out.  Over the i recommend use viagra past few decades, the winds have been stronger because of a thinner ozone layer, but that is reversing itself.  Over the coming decades, the ozone layer will thicken, winds will become weaker, and warming - and melting - will increase.

Now, here's why that's scary.  Antarctica's ice sheets contain enough frozen water to raise global sea levels by 60 meters.  We've all seen the slideshow.  So, for now, Antarctic ice is acting a bit like a sleeping giant, let's hope we find a way not to wake it.

via New Scientist


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written by falcon, January 08, 2010
Actually, not so long ago I read a news article about a 'huge' iceberg heading towards australia.
Polar Winds and the Ice Melt
written by Wind Technician, January 08, 2010
The cold polar winds have, for lack of a better term, heavy air. Cold temperatures increase the density of the air and can act as insulation for the ice which keeps it from melting as quickly. This "heavy" air can be observed in the amount of energy it carries. Wind turbines that operate in cold climates have higher energy production value then wind turbines located at comparable wind speed locations that have warmer temperatures. To learn more about the wind turbine industry and wind power jobs, click my name.
written by Timetrvlr, January 09, 2010
Melting isn't diminishing the look here get levitra Antarctic ice very much. It's the huge chunks of ice shelves that are breaking off and floating away to melt in warmer waters that is considerably diminishing the ice cover.

Ice shelves act as a dam at the base of Antarctic glaciers. When the ice shelves are reduced, the glaciers move into the sea at a faster rate which reduces glacial thickness.
is this Global Warming or Climate Change?
written by concerned, January 09, 2010
Are we experiencing climate change or global warming?
Yes, there are stories of melting ice (fast or slow) but are there stories of ice growing that are not being "fed" to us?
If this truly is global warming (p.s. it's happened before - so has global cooling; seemingly scarier); we are NOT going to stop it or slow it down*...species are going to have move, adapt or die (evolution).

*Why? The book "The Left Hand of the Electron", by Isaac Asimov, provides a remarkable insight into a few topics(6); one of them being water...I suggest you read the book; at least the amazing principles of water and ice.

Here is someone else's take:

"What’s so special—chemically—about water? Was Shakespeare’s science any good? Are yin and yang valid scientific principles? Maybe these aren’t the questions that keep you up at night, but the facts behind them are among the only for you levitra 100 mg most fascinating in the world."

Antarctic Fresh Water Pipeline
written by Amy Thomson, January 09, 2010
Just floating this as a concept. Apparently there are huge quantities of fresh water coming off the Antarctic Ice Shield. Why not capture some of this and pipeline it to just try! rx generic levitra where water is desperately needed. Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa come to mind. If we used this water to create fresh water lakes, we'd provide desperately needed water to dry areas, and cool the areas where the water is distributed. With correct placement, one could create downwind precipitation, and reverse desertification.
Of course, as always, the devil is i recommend levitra overnight in the details.
sleeping giant? Wishful thinking...
written by Stu Miller, January 10, 2010
The giant has already woken. He's just so big it takes him a while to stand up and start stomping on us. It's only a matter of time. His younger brother, Greenland, is just sipping his morning coffee and is almost up too!

Piping Antarctic fresh water to Sub-Saharan Africa
written by Gertrude, January 10, 2010
I like your idea. The government of Antarctica could charge the Sub-Saharan Africans a token price per litre (in order to get them hooked on water). When all of the Sub-Saharan-Africans are addicted, raise the price. It is a win-win. The Antarctic government gets the revenue it needs to plant trees and upgrade the cailis canadian farmacy ski field infrastructure and the best site cialis generic the Sub-Saharan-Africans get nice chilled water.

Winter Arctic ice a bit larger area this year... reversal or just a short anomoloy?
written by Docrings, January 11, 2010
It's at least a *bit* comforting to see that Winter arctic ice area is making a bit of a comeback this year. It's still below the "average" ice area, but better than years past. You can track the daily ice area on buy cialis in europe various NOAA and NASA websites.
It's Inevitable
written by Michelle, January 11, 2010
The big giant will soon waken and trouble will happen if the world doesn't do a better job in combating its overzealous usage of fossil fuels. We are slowly making progress but will it be enough?
getting sillyt
written by Jay Tee, January 11, 2010
'higher winds due to the thinner ozone layer'

wow, the fiction just becomes more and more ridiculous.
No Antarctic "Government"
written by Amy Thomson, January 13, 2010
One problem is that there is no "Antarctic Government". There are only signatories to the Antarctic Treaty. The restrictions in the Antarctic Treaty against mining and extractive industries may be a big hurdle to implementing a fresh water pipeline, aside from the cost and the considerable engineering problems with an undersea pipeline. I'm blue skying this, in the hope that someone with the engineering skills and clout to further such a project is reading this blog.
The ozone influences the cialis medication wind, fact not fiction
written by Martin, January 14, 2010
The effect of the ozone hole on winds over Antarctica is not a fiction.

The "vortex" of high winds is viagra jelly for sale caused by cold air descending from high altitudes during the dark Antarctic winter. When the sun returns, absorption of UV light by ozone warms the air at high altitudes, and the vortex eventually dissipates.

The lack of ozone means the air at high altitudes warms more slowly, and the vortex and the isolation of the area inside it, persists for longer into the summer.
written by Keith Gordon, January 27, 2010
I get a kick out of you all knowing greenie liberals. You come up with some of the best excuses why we are experiencing colder temps and cialis discount tons of snow (blizzard conditions in my state of Iowa the last 3 days) during the so called global warming. (let's start calling it climate change) By the way a bunch of IPCC hacks just got caught telling total lies about this matter. You find interesting ways to explain melting ice when there has been a net gain for the last several years and, you are talking about the ever increasing hole in the ozone layer on the same exact freaking day that it is being reported to be repairing itself. The good news for you libs is that the shrinking ozone hole will now cause the planet to warm and you can continue to bitch until our government raises our taxes to rx online viagra pay for solutions to a problem that does not exist or could be reversed by allowing aerosols that will open that baby up again. You people are NUTS!!!
written by Alex, September 26, 2010
I just stumbled this..

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