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OCT 23

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$20 Solar Charge Takes Care of Business


A while back there was a cool post by my friend Justin who blogs at TreeHugger and the best site levitra paypal MetaEfficient.  Seems he scored himself a Solar Style pocket charger on EBay for $20 and has a lot of get levitra online success powering all of his electronics with 100% renewable energy.  The charger provides enough power to charge anything up to the size of a laptop computer. And, for an extra $30, a less portable version would provide more than enough power to juice up a laptop during use.

Solar panels are getting cheaper and gadgets are getting less power hungry.  It's easy to see where this is headed, and Justin's post is only an early example.

via TreeHugger
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Under the sun...
written by GTW, October 23, 2006
Now only if this pocket solar panel could power the air conditioner you need while you're out there or pay your skin cancer treatment bills...

It's worth suggesting that this is good for slow charging batteries in bicycles and cars than pitching it to make people stay under the sun using their computers.
written by Celia, October 23, 2006
Such an item might seem silly if one is not the the best site levitra sales online camping sort. If it could charge a laptop, then it could also charge cellphones which could be necessary out in the wild. There are times when the weather is too outstanding to spend the day inside. Besides, one can always stick this panel in the window while one stays in the shade.
written by Kyllein MacKellerann, July 19, 2007
Solar chargers: If you realize that AA cells are just about taking over the world, and this size charger can charge a couple of AA's in a day's time (mostly)- For the cost of a charger and a couple of sets of Lithium AA's-you might go five years before you need another set of batteries. At the co$t of alkalines, that's cheap.
I wish there was a really good source
written by Marti, August 21, 2007
You can find this stuff here and there ....on home the grocery store... but I wish there was a really good single source....a Solar Depot...Where best avaiable stuff could be found and prices and quality could be compared. Eco-entrepreneurs where are you??????
written by intensive driving, August 21, 2007
Great idea Marti, when it's set-up please make sure to make shipping to UK an option, please!
Solar power heating the buy cialis professional globe?
written by Kriss, September 05, 2007
does anyone know if solar panels absord the heat of the sun or reflect it? If I am not mistaken, help me here, reflecting the sun's rays actually increase the surrounding temperature. Trees and order levitra levitra other plants, they absorb the sun's enery and that's why without them, as in urban areas, its hotter? Say, if every roof on every house, had solar panels on them, would that increase or decrease the surrounding temperature?
written by sohbet, September 25, 2007
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Solar Power Explained
written by solar-sails, October 12, 2007
Power is measured across a gradient. For instance, the opposite ends of a AAA battery. Solar panels accumulate photons which push charge from one part of the panel to another, creating a gradient from the force of the Sun's radiation.

The most efficient solar panels will absorb and transfer to electricity the maximum amount of sunlight.

Let's say that is powering a lightbulb. Now, the panel absorbs light and heat and converts it to electricity. The lightbulb uses the electricity and puts out light and heat.

Here's the interesting thing. You need lightbulbs mostly when the sun is mexico pharmacy generic viagra down. Also, a bright sunny day is an inopportune time for running a color laptop screen off battery power.

I am looking forward to
written by AlienFarmer, November 07, 2007
Marti, check out, its a place where you can find all sorts of great deals on every kind of solar product you can imagine! Better than a solar depot if you ask me.
written by Make Up, December 12, 2007
Great and very useful informations, thanks.
written by Cristian, January 04, 2008
This is a nice thing to hear from the youngsters and I suggest taking advantage of some SBA Loans:
, loans can help you buy some expensive solar gear if you think this will help you.
written by piercings, January 09, 2008
extra 30$ it is extra 1.5 charger
written by suboxone treatment, February 15, 2008
I looked around the site, but I couldn't find an option for getting a panel to charge my laptop. I've been looking for a solar panel to charge my laptop for a while, preferably one that I can easily get from Australia (I live in Perth) - any ideas?
What about cloudy days?
written by Appliance Parts, March 13, 2008
I guess that charger's pretty ok if you live in Cali. Otherwise, might be pretty worthless. Still a brilliant idea and also affordable. Good for camping trips, too.
Solar Power
written by Herbs and Vitamins Cheap, March 19, 2008
Solar power may become the next fashion world wide when it will become cheaper and easier to get. I see the future as described in sci-fi movies where you can see large solar panels everywhere.
Free Computing!
written by Uncle B, April 12, 2008
I just have to find a cheap 2nd hand electrically efficient laptop, erase the programs on the pfizer cialis cheap hard drive, not to offend the Microsoft licensing agreements, Install Ubuntu, buy a second battery pack, and a solar charger like this one and I should have the cheapest eco-friendly computing possible until the end of cheap cialis with fast delivery time!
solar power
written by Drug Rehab, April 25, 2008
Solar power is still expensive and does not provide that much help anyway. It will probably develop in the next 10 to 20 years. After that gas will long be forgotten as a propulsion method.
written by Jason, May 09, 2008
smilies/smiley.gifSolar charger F926 with three pieces solar panel, how to open it?
Solar Small Device Chargers
written by John, June 21, 2008
Several small device solar chargers as solar style, solio Icetech, and Power monkey can be used day and night. They contain on-board batteries that can be charged with the solar panel and with AC.

But, there are big differences in these chargers as pointed out at
Solar power
written by John, June 23, 2008
An interesting direction (well to me, anyway) in solar research: The Mars rovers have solar collectors
that are far more efficient per square meter than ones commercially available now because different layers absorb/create energy from different part of light's wavelength. Unfortunately, current production costs are in the millions.
Since mirrors are significantly less expensive than solar collectors I'm wondering if anyone has looked into using fewer solar collectors paired with mirrored surfaces? What effect would the added heat on the solar collectors have (e.g., longevity, efficiency, etc.) ?
solar chargers as solar style
written by cialis, July 22, 2008
solar chargers as solar style
written by John, September 06, 2008
What annoys me is that solar technology has greatly improved, yet is very rarely ever incorporated into the design of products to the best place indian levitra generic allow them to recharge on their own. I realize that many products are simply too small for appreciable charge to be attained, but there are many electronic things out there that do have enough space, and yet they aren't required to include them in the design.
re(nt)Think Solar
written by Wayne Miller, September 23, 2008
You know you can sign up for free to have a site evaluation performed for your home. If qualified you can have a complete solar pv system installed at no charge. Then you just pay the rent which is on par with what you currently pay for electricity from the grid. Rental rate is locked in for 25 years. How do you go wrong with this plan?
check it out...
written by Teddy, November 05, 2008
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written by Lely, November 08, 2008
Very good topic! very interesting thanks! smilies/smiley.gif
Solar power heating the globe? - Give me a break
written by jack green, December 15, 2009
This is why some people should have paid more attention in physics class in high school

Solar power heating the globe? NO. The whole point of a solar panel is that it absorbs sunlight and generic 40 mg levitra converts it to electricity. That's why solar panels are black. They are not reflecting anything.
Secondly, reflecting light does not heat up the earth. It reflects it back into space (it is called the Albedo effect). It is why white ice does not melt in the sun very easily, it reflects heat into space. So ...

1) NO, reflecting sun does not heat up the earth
2) NO, solar panels do not reflect the sun
3) NO, solar panels do not heat up the earth because they convert light to ELECTRICITY not heat.
4) please do not buy a solar charger you will not know how it works, rather continue with the belief that electricity works by magic. smilies/wink.gif
This is awesome, only 20 bucks
written by Appliance Parts Guy, June 08, 2011
Wow, 20 bucks that can save you big money later on. I'm definitely down with grabbing a few of these solar pocket guys lol.

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