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"Never heard of Goss132 before! still can't get their website to open! ..."

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EV Makers and cialis where to buy Battery Suppliers Swapping Partners


The saga of startup electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and their battery partners has its own twists and turns. Batteries are a significant component for EVs. So it should not be surprising that the marriage between vehicle manufacturer and battery supplier can take on the characteristics of visit our site cialis next day delivery a soap opera.

Earlier this year, EnerDel and Fisker Automotive terminated their plans to work together on the Fisker Karma. Instead, the Karma will be using batteries from A123 (who, in turn, were the losing suitor in the earlier competition to partner with GM on the Chevy Volt). But EnerDel is instead now partnering with THINK as the battery maker for the Think City EV.

We've seen the TH!NK company come back from the brink of bankruptcy last year. And a Think City EV was one of the vehicles on the driving track at the Detroit Auto Show in January. (Fisker, on the other hand, skipped this year's show.) Think seems to be moving ahead now, with a manufacturing facility being readied in Elkhart County, Indiana, and production of the Think City EV expected to begin in 2011. EnerDel's parent company is also a large stakeholder in THINK.

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Enerdel is the bomb..
written by Lisa M, February 17, 2010
EnerDel is courting Goss132, which I feel would be the best relationship possible. As long as Goss132 can adhere to their SPOC program then EnerDel, and Goss132 have a very good future together.

Goss132 mind you is the only US EV manufacturer which allows the consumer complete control over their battery systems.

Goss132 is by far the click here cialis available in india most innovative US car company thus far which specializes in 100% Electric drive trains.
Yeah... Goss132 isn't bad at all
written by Dave Zeis, May 11, 2010
True... Goss132 is a good company, but would like to know more about the interiors if possible. Something about ultra wide display and touch power some such whatever. I don't totally understand it but if there is some real momentum behind their 2012 concept. Now THAT is nice. Best Sedan concept I've seen for EVs.
Interesting new car Co. - under the radar!
written by Robert, July 25, 2012
Never heard of Goss132 before! still can't get their website to open!
Look like it would be a great addition to EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show though!

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