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New Material Could Act as Both Battery and Body of EVs

A new nanoscale material developed by researchers at Imperial College London could eventually act as both the battery and body of electric cars.  The mix of carbon fiber and polymer resin can charge and release electricity like a battery and is hard as steel too.

The advantages of the material are pretty exciting.  Lithium-ion batteries are heavy and generate electricity through chemical reactions, which eventually wear down the batteries.  The carbon-polymer material is lightweight and doesn't require chemical reactions, meaning both a longer life and quicker charge.

If used in the body of an EV, like the roof, door panels or trunk, in place of a lithium-ion battery, an EV could lose 990 pounds and buying generic levitra travel faster and farther.  The more surface of the car the material covered, the more charge it could store.

Yes, it will be expensive, but the researchers hope, like with all new technologies, that mass production will bring the the best place viagra mexico cost down.

The European Union is spending $4.6 million over three years to develop the technology and Volvo is real viagra for sale considering building a prototype EV using a panel of the material.  The researchers expect the material to shave 15 percent off the body weight of buy viagra online safe a car in five to six years and to be able to replace batteries in 10 years.

via Physorg
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written by JQ, February 15, 2010
My first reaction is that there must be some caveats to link for you buying real cialis without prescription making the surface of your car hold the charge of one or more EV battery. How do you stop accidental discharges?
A very interesting technology
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, February 15, 2010
However I am curious to the safety risks involved, and its durability in rough conditions. To have a car with an electric charge all around it, who knows what effect it will have when it is faced with various weather conditions.
Lithium is actually considered a lightweight source, however...
written by Alessandro Machi, February 15, 2010
The brilliance in having the canadian rx cialis battery embedded into the car material is it probably can't be stolen as easily and will apparently reduce the weight of the car. I have heard that at UCLA they are researching embedding solar planels into plastic.

Imagine a plastic solar car with an embedded battery.

The downsides could be what happens if the car is broadsided, are toxic chemicals going to be spewed in every direction? And, when the battery eventually dies out, how easy is it to remove the battery without having to re skin the entire car?
Do read the actual piece, its short enough.
written by BruceMcF, February 16, 2010
There are no toxic chemicals to spew out if it is a solid battery composed of carbon fiber and rosin. Though the levitra canadian repair bill would be a lot steeper if a combined battery/panel has to be replaced after an accident.

However, the point about replacing the battery is an interesting one. It is suggested that the life is buy cialis online longer because there are no chemical reactions, but does not actually come out and say that what the lifespace is.
written by Kristen, February 16, 2010
Wow i think this sounds like an amazing concept. A solar-powered car sounds pretty cool too. I hope safety wouldn't be overlooked as well.
Is it a capacitor?
written by Dwane Anderson, February 16, 2010
This can not be a true battery, as batteries use chemical reactions by definition. Maybe it's a capacitor. Capacitors are not used as an alternative for batteries because they have far less energy density. The highest density ultracapacitors only have about 1/10th the energy density of a lithium ion battery. It would probably be better to cialis no prescription needed use a capacitor and a battery together, as they help make up for each others weaknesses.
written by Brian Green, February 16, 2010
I like the idea if it can be proved to be safe in all but the most extreme circumstances (after all, gas tanks are safe in all but the most extreme circumstances as well).

I also wish I could give a word of caution to the folks working on new vehicles that they need to start getting serious on the best place buy pfizer viagra "Infrastructure vehicles". The ones that do actual work. Electric cars are a great start. We need electric pickups with acceptable travel distances. We need farm equipment being made that is all electric. We need long haul trucks that are electric as well. The biggest problem I see is that I don't see these things being looked at seriously. The Pickup is close, but not ready for prime time, and the others I mentioned aren't serious about implementation at this stage in the game. If we're going to get serious about our vehicles going to electric, the infrastructure vehicles ought to be a higher priority. At least we have some trains that can run on electricity. Trains need to be bumped to all electric as well. Ever think we'll see ships running on electricity? The only ones I know of are military vessels using nuclear power plants to generate the energy. I'm not so sure we're going to see many commercial vessels outfitted with reactors.
Impractical and only now levitra soft dangerous, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Marie T, February 16, 2010
This is really interesting but what are the best overseas levitra prices possible risks? I'm always hopeful yet hesitant with new technology. What happens in an accident if the battery is embedded in the car. Is the overall value of the car damaged much easier?
written by J. Marshall, February 16, 2010
I too would be curious about safety issues as well. And certainly the cost of soft viagra tablets a fender bender would go up significantly. Overall its one of the most interesting concepts that I have come across yet.
Plastics are the future, again.
written by Alessandro Machi, February 17, 2010
What about plastic trains? When is that going to happen? Would hate to see a stimulus program that actually converts our fleet of trains to high grade plastic so their weight is a lot less.

A plastic that actually absorbs the suns rays and converts it to energy to power a vehicle. Even if it doesn't supply all the energy, it could probably put a huge dent in what is consumed since the vehicle is best way to take viagra lighter and absorbing the suns rays.

Just avoid strong winds I guess.
written by Saar, February 19, 2010
Wow. I;m sure lots of people would be interested in this new external battery phenomenon.. if only to see it actually work and watch what it can do. However, I am also quite skeptical about the quality of it. Will it endure storms? Won't it be affected by external factors?
Risk aversion
written by Cherie, February 25, 2010
As with every article that seems to come up through ecogeek, I notice that many of the comments are negatives (why the cialis soft tabs online new potential technology won't work) or about what the risks are. There can never be new technologies if the inventors aren't out there trying new things that may or may not work, or people willing to take the risks. Where would we be if Wilbur and Orville had been more worried about the risks when they started flying? Or worse, if people who weren't even involved in their venture had any say in whether it was too risky for them to try it. All invention starts with the question, "What if?" If the inventors listened to cialis dosage everyone who was all too happy to tell them, "that wont' work" we would never have any new technology at all. If all of you who are saying why these things won't work are out there working on something else that will, great. If not, I'd rather see positive reinforcement for any and all ideas that may actually take us in the direction we want to go -- low emissions, low cost, plentiful energy production, and I'm interested in hearing any and all ideas. Come up with the idea, make it work, and then figure out how to make it safe.
Extra Crispy
written by Pinche_Rooster, February 25, 2010
This is a horrible idea. It'll turn your car into a giant bug zapper and you're the bug.
Door Ding?
written by Geo Savage, February 26, 2010
This is the way to go, incorporating the electronics into the body of the vehicle along with control wires etc. Combined with energy absorbing shocks, solar panels (the nano UV capturing capacitor type featured in another EcoGeek article, low resistance tires, better aerodynamics, and LED lights all around, we might actually get somewhere. Only thing I don't like is how much a door ding is going to cost and levitra generic online whether or not that could create a discharge. Oh yeah, oil companies still have all the money and control the world. Ooops my bad...

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