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FEB 16

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"Not really a fan of carbon sequestration. Greater savings come from ra..."

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Highly-Efficient CO2-Capturing Crystals

Scientists at UCLA have developed synthetic crystals that trap gasses like a smart sponge.  The crystals are highly selective, allowing them to achieve a 400% improvement in CO2 capture over current technologies.

The crystals are three-dimensional and order no rx cialis code information in the same manner as DNA.  While not as sophisticated as DNA, the developers consider it a significant advancement in chemistry and materials science.

The scientists hope the technology could be used to capture CO2 from both large sources like power plants, and smaller ones like vehicle tailpipes and smaller factories.  The material could also potentially be used to convert CO2 into a fuel.

Ideally, these highly efficient crystals could be used for CO2 capture in lots of different settings while we try to transition to cleaner technologies.

via Treehugger

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written by Rich Beckman, February 16, 2010
Convert the Co2 into fuel? I don't understand that part.
written by Carl Hage, February 16, 2010
There is no problem finding materials to absorb CO2. The problem is that it costs a lot for the material, then what do you do with it after it absorbs the buy levitra low price CO2. It usually costs lots of energy to viagra sale extract the CO2 and sequester it. You can make fuel out of CO2, H2, and energy, but where do you get the energy and H2? Nothing man-made can compete with biomass in cost.

This project seems interesting from a chemical engineering point of view, but I don't see that it would be cost-effective as a CO2 absorber. It's much cheaper to use alternatives to digging up and burning fossil fuel.
Could the crystals escape?
written by Eric, February 18, 2010
Unless we can work out a way to feed spent crystals to farm animals or otherwise incorporate them into the food chain we are at the risk of levitra on line these things escaping and re-releasing the CO2.
written by richard Davine, February 25, 2010
Not really a fan of carbon sequestration. Greater savings come from radically increasing our efficiencies and developing and only here levitra online store delivering to market sustainable technologies.
However maybe in the future these crystals could help create diamonds with the sequestered CO2 and we could wear our climate change on our sleeves.

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