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FEB 17

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"I hope big oil and we choice levitra in uk the auto boys keep their lawyers out of this car's ..."

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Reservations for Nissan Leaf Starting in April; Still No Price Tag

Nissan will begin taking reservations for the Nissan Leaf in April, actual orders can be placed in August and cars will be delivered by the the best place viagra soft generic end of the year.  But a big question sitll looms - how much will it cost?

You can reserve a Leaf for a $100 refundable fee, but as for the actual cost of the EV, the company has only said that it will be competitively priced with similar-sized vehicles, but that allows for a decent price range.

Even with the mystery, the car has picked up quite a bit of momentum lately.  Nissan just finished a nationwide tour with the vehicle, drumming up publicity and securing partnerships with 18 launch cities that will install charging stations and get EV-ready in time for the car's release.  The company also received a $1.4 billion loan from the DOE this month to viagra discounts begin manufacturing the online ordering levitra car and its batteries at a plant in Smyrna, TN.

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written by Grant, February 17, 2010
The rumored prices I've seen are around $30,000 (before the tax credit, I believe).

A Nissan rep told me that it will be $200 to reserve a Leaf, with $100 of that going towards a site survey of your home to see if you are able to install a charging station.

They are supposedly going to start deliveries in December 2010, but that's only in select cities (something like Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, and near their plant in Tennessee).
When will you publish checked info ?
written by DsBd, February 18, 2010
Dear Megan Treacy,

You have been published following paper made from iop source :

But since that, it seems that source paper has been demonstrated wrong by targeted company : when will you publish their answer ?

After reading your paper, i've been on MDI website and they publish a warning about the source paper from IOP :

December 08 2009
Panic of traditional car lobby?

During the last week of November 2009, a study by the University of California at Berkeley concluded that compressed air vehicles from MDI were more expensive and more polluting than a conventional vehicle.

This study published by the Environmental Research Letters
( contains errors so big that its purpose is very good site viagra best buy not scientific but is an act of bashing, pure and best price for generic viagra simple.
The response of MDI can be read here

written by Marie T, February 18, 2010
Since only select cities will be equipped with charging stations does this mean no cross-country road trips?
written by John_In_NH, February 19, 2010
well talking to a rep on the tour last weekend we are talking less then 30k base price before rebates, they are estimating base price of a fully loaded Prius. thats the goal, meaning final price is around an entry level prius. there will be no renting batteries and buying the car due to current lemon laws, however they are looking at seeing if that can be changed. buying the car and batteries is an option, idk if the price includes both. renting car and batteries together is also options.
you can of course take a cross country trip, it will take some time but charging on 220 is doable with the proper charge port eg thermal/surge protector (really thats all it is, prevent idiots from running bad wiring and burning the house down, this from leaf tech i met)
Plug IN
written by Kristen, February 20, 2010
Is this the car that they show on commercials that plugs in?
Is the Leaf Destined to viagra buying be Another EV-1?
written by Don Morgan, February 23, 2010
I hope big oil and the auto boys keep their lawyers out of this car's future. Is anyone else a little paranoid this time around as well?

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