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FEB 24

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British Airways Turning Waste into Jet Fuel

British Airways has announced that it will start producing jet fuel from landfill waste to reach its target of 50 percent reduced emissions by 2050.

The airline is partnering with biofuels company Solena to construct a waste-to-energy fuel plant in East London that will turn 500,000 tonnes of organic waste into 16 million gallons of jet fuel per year.  The fuel will be made by treating the the waste in a high-temperature gasifier to create BioSynGas which is then converted to it's cool lowest price cialis jet fuel using the only for you rx online cialis Fischer Tropsch process.  The plant will also create a by-product of generic viagra online 20 MW of electricity per year and fda approves cialis have the added benefit of keeping waste out of landfills.

British Airways is only committing to use a 10 percent blend of the biofuel at this point, a disappointment when you consider the successful test runs of 50/50 bio-jet fuel blends.  The airline plans to start using the fuel by 2014.

via Treehugger

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Organic waste into fuel or on fields?
written by Elodie, February 25, 2010
Is there enough organic waste to spread on fields and to convert in fuel?
Or would it be a human disaster like the biofuel made with Colsa or corn? Those genial solutions, for fuel, are actually destroying lot's of country, because you get more profit by making colsa or corn or for fuel than to make food for the people of the country. The price of food rise, and that's a total disaster for every one, specially for poor country.

As we all know that organic waste are used by farmer to fertilize their fields, my concerne is: "Would the prise of real cialis online without prescription organic rise and be too expensive for farmer?" That would reduce their production of food... That's not really good :-(

I hope you would understand my comment, even with my poor english.
This is rehash of Nazi coal to where to buy viagra us gasoline technology
written by Paul, February 26, 2010
The Fischer Tropsch process is a Nazi developed synthetic gasoline technology. The Nazis used it to produce gasoline from coal. Ironic.
From landfill waste not new materials
written by Greenman, March 02, 2010
If I read this properly, the syngas comes from all kinds of landfill waste, not just organic. Assuming that's the case, I'm all for the technology use, no matter the history. For that matter, build these plants all around the world and turn garbage to gold.
Solena White Paper
written by Greenman, March 02, 2010 White Paper June 2008 Rev3.pdf

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