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MAR 01

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"Given current economic mess... US Govt should create national electric..."

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Google Develops New Solar Thermal Mirror Prototype

Google announced last year that they were working on new technology that would make solar thermal energy cheaper than coal.  Just a few months later, they have a prototype and enter site buy real levitra online expect a product to buy tramadol ultram be ready in as little as a year.

Google's energy czar, Bill Weihl, said the company is cialis for women focusing on redesigning the mirrors, using alternative materials on branded levitra the cialis purchase reflective surface and the substrate on which the mirror is mounted.  The new technology could halve the cost of building a solar thermal plant and bring the cost of the electricity down to 5 cents/kWh or less.

The prototype is being internally tested before more rigorous external testing, but two solar companies, BrightSource and eSolar, are already interested in the technology.  Google is a major investor in both companies and has said if the generic viagra in usa prototype works, the companies would use the technology.

via Reuters
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written by Steve, March 02, 2010
It is great if they can bring down the cost of mirrors as that is one of the largest costs of building a solar power plant but I do not think it will get them anywhere close to 5 cents a kilo-watt. In the more common trough style power plants they use about 200,000 mirrors to produce what would now be rated at about 100 MW’s. The plants are actually rated at 80 MW’s now but with the improved heat collecting tubes they would be around 100 MW’s if they were built today. The mirrors are made out of a special glass and are silver backed. They are highly efficient but cost over $200 a piece. I am not sure how much the newer tower type solar plants mirrors will cost but I am guessing they will not be cheap. Anything that brings down costs, while keeping efficiency up would be great.
How does...
written by Josh, March 02, 2010
... "redesigning the mirrors, using alternative materials on the reflective surface and the substrate on which the mirror is mounted" halve the cost of building such a plant?

Are traditional mirrors that expensive? There has to be something more to this then mirrors...
written by lauren, March 02, 2010
Google is going to levitra fast delivery take over/save the world and I'm ok with that.
What's missing?
written by Sam Sabey, March 03, 2010
This technology needs all the help it can get, as IMO solar thermal will play a big part in our baseload solar future.

On the funny side: perhaps the big G will use a little 'smoke' to make those mirrorz moar betteror?
Take over
written by Tradex, March 08, 2010
Interesting article...I think I'm okay with Google taking over the world as well :p
written by BCC, March 11, 2010
I hope Google is also looking at cooling.

Thermal solar systems potentially use a lot of water. This is going to be/already is a big issue, especially for sunny, arid areas.

I'm all for aggressively pursuing renewables (I helped our town win a grant for a 40kw PV system on a school; our next project may be a ~1MW ground-mount system), but let's not forget about other sustainability issues, water resources chief among them-
PV comparison
written by MG, March 20, 2010
The Brightsource system is getting 1.37 Billion in loans for a system that is rated at 392 megawatts. This comes to nearly $3.50 / watt. Considering that one may purchase solar panels at about $2 /watt at retail, it does not sound like they are getting that great of a deal!
written by avery hasty, April 18, 2010
They are trying to produce at that cost but what is installed and up and running cost?
written by Carrie, April 27, 2010
Save some space and water use R-134a or other chemicals that have a low boiling point to power the turbines put it in a closed loop system, so their is no harm to the enviroment.
Water Use
written by Ben, April 27, 2010
While any thermal system could potentially use a lot of water, there are such things as dry cooling towers, which use only air for cooling.

Obviously, a system which uses air alone, instead of air and water, for cooling, won't be able to achieve as high a thermodynamic efficiency... but when water is in short supply, the trade off may be worth it.
written by Craig Shields, May 02, 2010
This is great news - to me particularly, as I favor solar thermal over any other alternative. It plugs into the most stable and cleanest energy source we have.

It's been fairly solidly determined that all of the nation's current electricity needs could be supplied by a single solution: A group of solar thermal plants totaling the area of cheapest viagra in uk a square 105 miles on a side (that's 25 plants each of 21 miles on a side, or 100 plants 10.5 miles on a side) spread across the sunbelt and transmitting power over DC lines and using molten salt for energy exchange and nighttime storage.

If the cost were weighed against the long-term economic impact that existing fossil fuel technologies are already having on the delicate web and equilibrium that has long sustained us, we'd already be powered by modern sunlight from our skies rather than ancient sunlight sucked out from under another culture's feet.

When our government sent our military to invade and occupy Iraq, we ranked eleventh among the top 16 oil nations with only 2.33% of the total of all those nations. Iraq ranked second behind only Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East as a whole is where 69.98% of that 'Top 16' oil resides - and those top 16 countries have 80% of the oil in the entire world. (This doesn't take Canada into account because 97% of Canada's oil is locked in tar sands and it’s very expensive and pollution intensive to lowest cost viagra extract.)

The bottom line is, with approximately 4.6% of global population, we here in the US currently consume about six million barrels of oil a day – that’s imports and domestic production combined. We gulp it in for our agriculture, transportation, industry, electricity generation and home heating, in the form of various fuels, petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. We also use it as raw material for a wide range of plastics, solvents and medicines. At that furious rate of consumption, if we’re ever bereft of generic levitra from india foreign oil, our domestic 2.33% signifies an interval of less than nine years and seven months before we consume all US reserves.

The two most populous nations in the world, India and China, each have over a billion people. They’re chasing our consumptive lifestyle and our infrastructure at a breakneck speed, and oil simply cannot be sucked out of the ground fast enough to slake that thirst.

We have to stop using our military (the largest single consumer of petroleum products in the US, by the way) to control and defend foreign oil, and we must begin aggressively developing the advanced alternative technologies to which the world will turn when oil extraction fades into history as a predominant energy source.
written by johnny, June 04, 2010
I find this information interesting. Especially since one of my products was used in the alternative composition of using with the mirrors. Google purchased this product and I have not been updated. Is this a habit of google? Just think about it. There are products ready made right here on earth. If we used other products refined here on earth that were made by the earth and used it to reconfigure the surface of ready made products to coincide with the mirror product
to make the mirror stronger, extend an so on wouldn't you have something?
New economics of solar
written by Tommie, June 07, 2010
Given current economic mess... US Govt should create national electric company. Decentralize mirror manufacturing all across the country to use as THE stimulus. Get the money by stealing all of the spiked fat cat pensions over say $125k. Also negate all the loaded vacation-pay spiked pension extra. Also stiff all of the government employees over $200k (ie. presidents salary). ALL Govt has to comply or get stiffed by the federal govt for everything else. Reasoning... federal govt should not pay bail-out money to canadian levitra pay for fat cat spiked pensions and spiked pay for unconsciounable govt largesse to insiders. Solar mirror manufacturing will put the federal money in at the bottom, not the top. Also becomes an asset govt own, never to sell. Plus fat-cat government beneficiaries are already rich and will still spend money. So very little negative economics.

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