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The End of buy cialis in canada Neon? 40% More Efficient

tetracontour By now you've probably noticed how excited we EcoGeeks are about LEDs. These long-lived, power-sipping light sources are great because their long lifespan means less waste going into landfills, and their energy efficiency means that they provide light using far less electricity than incandescents without generating lots of waste heat.

We've seen LEDs for use in a wide range of applications, but here's a new one: replacing neon lights. The Tetra Contour LED Lighting System is meant to be a replacement for traditional neon that uses up to 40% less electricity. These LED lights are also cool to the touch, so they can be used in more exposed locations without concern about people coming into contact with it.

The material can be formed and similar drugs to tramadol bent much like conventional neon. It requires a much lower heating temperature (around 300 degrees F) in order to be workable, so it can be field worked and field modified if necessary.

via: Architectural Products Magazine

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