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MAR 08

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"When we were approved for a grant for replacing over 60 exterior HPS f..."

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Report Says LEDs in Short Supply

A new report from technology research corporation iSuppli warns that we're facing a global LED shortage in 2010.  Hooray!

Why am I cheering?  Because the reason for this shortage is a huge surge in demand for the energy-efficient lighting in the electronics industry.  Yes, it's bad that the supply is low, but it's great news that the use of more efficient lighting is buy online pill viagra becoming more mainstream.

The report says that demand for LEDs is expected to very good site cheap cialis rise by double-digit percentages for at least the next three years.  In 2009, 63 billion units were consumed out of the 75 billion unit capacity worldwide.  The worst-case scenario is a rise in prices for mid-range and high-end computers and HDTVs because of purchase viagra online canada their larger displays.

The solution is simple enough though:  increase production.  The two largest suppliers have gotten the hint -- Aixtron and Veeco Instruments are doubling their production by the end of this year.

via PC Mag

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Short Supply == Tall Price
written by Stuart Grimshaw, March 08, 2010
Now call me a cynic, but I wonder how much these shortages are being exaggerated in order to hike prices up even more than they are already?
Shortage is for TVs not house lights
written by Carl Hage, March 08, 2010
Shortages one year, then excess capacity another is the normal situation for computer parts like RAM chips and flash memory. The same happened for silicon suppliers for PV solar panels. It's not a plot-- just growing pains.

Now there is more emphasis on energy efficiency and TV manufacturers (in California at least) will need to meet some minimum levels of power efficiency and publish the online cialis uk electric consumption. But it also turns out LEDs are a good way to improve picture quality with better dynamic range-- instead of shutting off the light with the LCD, the LEDs can be dimmed so it uses less power and better contrast.

Home LED lighting is still a little too expensive and for general use not more efficient than alternatives, but as the market grows they will be cheaper and viagra online without a prescription better.

Too bad we don't require electricity consumption for TVs and computer monitors to be posted in stores-- that would really push the LED market since people would buy displays that are cheaper to use.

I think people are buying LED TVs now because of picture quality, not power, though many now use EnergyStar as a feature.
written by Evan, March 09, 2010
I like LED's. Liked them since I was a kid. But for the sake of energy efficiency and conservation, I shall sever my bonds of smitten-ness.
Renewable Energy Division Maneger
written by nyak, March 19, 2010
When we were approved for a grant for replacing over 60 exterior HPS fixtures with LED flood fixtures I was concerned the technology was not there yet. We had to order prescription propecia wait for the fixtures to be manufactured overseas.Took over a month. When they arrived and I installed the first one I took a huge sigh of relief. They are better than expected. The CRI is just like moon light. The lumens are greater than the levitra pills old fixtures and at half the wattage.
Stay away from LED clusters.
Be patient the LED world will catch up.

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