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MAR 18

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"The phone industry has standardized on micro usb for charging so there..."

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Finally, A No-Draw Charger

attchargerAT&T has just announced a USB-based telephone charger that does not pull electricity from the wall when it's not charging a phone. I don't know about you, but my charger is plugged in 100% of the time. That charger pulls a tiny amount of energy from the wall 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Multipy that by 100 million chargers in America and cheapest cialis price there's probably at least one coal-fired power plant in America dedicated entirely to that wasted power.

AT&T's new charger, however, is a standardized USB charger that does not pull any power from the wall when there's nothing plugged into it. You wouldn't think this was a particularly complicated thing to do (especially since chargers routinely cost thirty FREAKING dollars.) But high-markup chargers are a big part of cell phone company's profit models, so they aren't generally interested in pulling R&D dollars from that big tasty pie.

But it works, and it will charge a variety of devices, even non-AT&T devices. It's great news for us all, and at the same cost as a regular (dramatically overpriced) cell phone charger.

Let's hope the technology makes its way into other vampire power culprits soon. Read the full press release from ATT here.

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written by Chris, March 18, 2010
Just a suggestion: if you have an electricity meter, check to 5mg viagra see if your phone charger actually pulls anything from the wall when a phone's not connected. My 5 year old phone charger doesn't pull any measurable current. My electric toothbrush and beard trimmer are a different story. And standby mode may as well be on for most of my toys.
written by Ross, March 18, 2010
The real savings here aren't in the wasted power of phone chargers. It's the push to streamline devices so we only need one charger for all devices, not one charger for each device.

I don't know whether or not I should advocate for buying this if you already have a working charger. On one hand you're going to waste a lot more energy and money buying a new charger when you don't need to. On the other hand it'd be nice to show support for the GSM Alliance's initiative to reduce waste.
written by Doc, March 19, 2010
I used a Watt-meter to check my wall charger, and it read 0.00 when I didn't have a phone hooked to it... I probably waste more electricity by leaving the 100W lightbulb on in my closet overnight, than a whole year of cialis next day having my charger plugged in for a year.
International availability
written by Hugh Parker, March 19, 2010
Any idea when I'll be able to buy one of these in England?
written by Phil, March 19, 2010
There is a myriad ways of meaningful power savings which can be made without consumerist crap like this.

The obvious way to make meaningful savings is by electricity pricing itself. Increase the cost of electricity by 300% by adding a Green Tax and sit back and watch the savings happen. Citizens (not corporations) who are genuinely disadvantaged by the free cialis sample price increase can be compensated by the government.

The increased revenues can be redirected to meaningful green projects.
written by Simone, March 19, 2010
@ author
@ comment 3
This device is useful but I don't think that some invention will ever save us, since there are people like you, which believe to be ecologist too(!!), so lazy that can't pull out a charger from the wall or turn off a light smilies/sad.gif
A good idea
written by j michael rowland, March 22, 2010
Personal opinionations aside, this is a good idea simply because it works even when you just forget to pull a charger when it's not in use.
Some numbers
written by Christopher Squire, March 24, 2010
From the note to the ATT press release: 'Energy saving calculations based on the following: 277 million wireless users in U.S., minimum one phone per user; user charges device 3 to 4 times per week for 8 hours; 80% of users leave charger plugged in wall socket; average charger wastes 170 mW (0.17 watts) when idle.'

It may be that a Watt-meter only reads to the nearest Watt so this appears as 0W.
written by LBR, March 25, 2010
When a charger is plugged into the wall it is necessary to just try! cialis without prescription place a very small resistance, like a really thin filament light bulb wire, between the two hot wires somewhere between the power coming in from the wall and the plug on buy cheap cialis online the other end at your phone, etc. It is called a "load resistor". Without a load resistor the budget cialis circuit would burn out. That is the drain that is removed with this new process. Also, if you do have a meter that is both accurate and sensitive to very low current you will get nothing. Just as in a word, the magnitude of a whisper may not be felt but when magnified by a million it is an explosive roar.

ATT should be commended for this service which probably contributes to lives saved that we and viagra online canada no prescription they are not even aware of. The device will only deliver a standard voltage at a minimal universal (quasi universal) current but it extends a technology and leaves a path others may follow.

I'm disappointed...
written by Johnny, March 25, 2010
....disappointed to learn that someone running a site called "Ecogeek" about "technological solutions to environmental problems" can't be bothered to take the tiny step of removing from socket/turning off devices that are not in use.

Standby power wastes ENORMOUS amounts of electricity. TURN OFF THINGS THAT YOU ARE NOT USING, TURN THEM OFF AT THE WALL!

The best step that could be taken would be blanket bans on the manufacture and sale of viagra in spain ANY electrical consumer item with a standby function. It should either be on and being used or completely off and not wasting energy.
Resistance: large or small?
written by Christopher Squire, March 25, 2010
LBR: Re: ‘When a charger is plugged into the wall it is necessary to place a very small resistance, like a thin wire . . Without a load resistor the circuit would burn out.’

I see the point of this but point out that the resistance is in fact very high!
Investing in the future
written by Katy Mags, March 26, 2010
I have friends who go to extremes as far as unplugging everything (lamps, coffee pots, toaster ovens, etc) when they aren't in use and although I applaud their dedication to cialis 100 a low electricity bill and energy conservation I honestly don't want to have to bend over and levitra in spain grope around for an outlet to plug in a lamp in the dark when I get home from work at 7:30.

I really agree with Ross, who said that there should be one universal recharger plug for everything. That is what we should be fighting towards eventually. But I like the idea of this no-draw charger because it tells me that there are steps being made to not be so wasteful of our resources (even though it can seem like a meaningless consumer product to sucker us in to spending more money).
written by Ali, March 28, 2010
The phone industry has standardized on micro usb for charging so there will come a time when you buy a new phone that it does not come with a charger. The cell phone company I work for is all into high efficiency chargers and right behind the movement to levitra cialis viagra price standardize chargers and reduce waste.

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