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OCT 27

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"What's the point? do people really care about that little star thingy?..."

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PC Energy Star Rating Getting Badly Needed Upgrade


Since the EPA last updated its Energy Star program for PCs seven years ago the world has changed.  These days, even the most inefficient computers classify for an Energy Star label. But in the levitra bayer healthcare next year, the EPA will become much more strict.  Computers across the board will have to be around 65% more efficient that previously to receive an Energy Star certification.  Neither AMD or Intel are likely to viagra canada prescription have a hard time meeting the standards, but it's good to put a little government pressure on them anyhow.

The EPA says that the efficiency upgrades could save American consumers up to $1.8 billion in the first five years, and prevent the release as much greenhouse gas as 2.7 million cars.
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Enough with the hardware...
written by GTW, October 29, 2006
They should come up with a similar efficiency rating for software. If the software requires more resources to accomplish the same use case than another software, it should be given a low rating.

Similarly, people should be rated for their efficiency too... the energy consumed vs. productivity or productive involvement and tramadol dog from canadian pharmacy decrease/increase their taxable income amount.

I look forward to the enter site cialis cost day when everything's tailored for every individual the way they have earned it. :)
Software Efficiency
written by Hank, October 29, 2006
GTW...another idea from you that I have never pondered, it sure is click now pfizer levitra canada good to have you wondering these shores. It's true that the software you run can have a huge impact on the power consumption of your machine, though there are already reasons (namely load times and avoiding being labeled a memory hog) for companies to design lean software.

But that doesn't mean more can't be done, and I'm all for some agency taking up the difficult task of testing software power consumption.

Testing individual efficiency, on the other hand, sounds like a darned scary idea to me. I'm all for people doing their part, but I'd like to avoid 1984 as much as possible, even if it would be an environmental revolution.
written by Disabled, May 05, 2007
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Gotta love the Energy Star
written by EcoFan2007, September 03, 2007
Go to to advertise your energy star compliant device.
very nice to hear
written by sushi, December 04, 2008
I'm glad the rules got stricter
the environment is very important
is the free cialis sample star really worth it?
written by sushi, December 04, 2008
What's the point? do people really care about that little star thingy?

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