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APR 01

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"led technology has changed not only life, but also to protect the envi..."

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Upgrade to levitra injectable LEDs or the Easter Bunny Gets It!

Cree is a leading manufacturer of LEDs and the circuitry and cheapest prices on propecia components needed to bring them into our homes and businesses. They've been growing like crazy and, thankfully, have also managed to hire someone who knows something about social media. That someone decided to show, very clearly, the effects of tramadol easy drugs incandescent lighting on the cheap generic viagra india Easter Bunny. The result? Incandescent lights KILL THE EASTER BUNNY! So if you don't want the Easter Bunny to should consider investing in some next-generation lighting technology.
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This surely makes the point that...
written by FR. Peter, April 02, 2010
... incandescent lights are very hot, and that the energy they use is wasted.
Law of Conservation of Energy
written by Kat M, April 02, 2010
Incandescent bulbs turn a lot of energy into heat *instead of light,* and thus more energy is used for the same amount of light.

"Photonic emission?" I suppose that would mean "light."
written by Nate, April 03, 2010
How efficient are incandescent lights as a heat source? Are they good to use in the winter?
written by Mark, April 03, 2010
Turn off Glen Beck and search for a reliable source. incandescents are extremely inefficient, we should be upgrading wholesale with LEDs.
@Mark, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Doc Rings, April 05, 2010
@Wendy. I am an example of someone who listens to Glen Beck occasionally, and think he has some poignant examples of we choice levitra brand name government abuses. He's also an entertainer, too. I also try to get a dose of "left" radio talk shows like the Ed Schulz show, to see what that side has to say. In everything balance, and try to be at peace with all people (as much as possible).

I am also a conservationist and a green-lover. So, just remember to not fall into the habit of putting people in boxes, especially ecogeek readers... we come in all shapes, sizes and political flavors.
Save the the Bunnies!
written by Elizabeth Madrigal, April 08, 2010
Great media thinking! Let's face it. We get hardened to the idea that we are killing our own species with our hoggish energy policies, but everybody loves bunnies. Save urban chickens and the bees too!
It's all about the lumens, baby
written by Bruce H. Anderson, April 12, 2010
I recently went through an analysis for some industrial lighting, the payback just wasn't there, although this does not speak to diminishing resources. But when I shop for residential LED lights, I see that "equivalent" LED bulbs offer significantly (I am talking orders of magnitude here)less light output than incandescent or flourescent bulbs. Still, I hope research brings some major breakthroughs.
Would love more information
written by Jeff, April 14, 2010

I live to educate myself on the pro's and con's of items I am interested in. Can you site some examples of where you heard about Photonic Emission Hazards of LED lights?? I did a search and only found links back to recommended site buy real viagra online without prescription your posting on this site. Is it technically referred to anything different. I tried searching on LED Hazards and generic soft tab viagra there is cheap propecia order online no mention of anything Hazardous about LED's. I also searched on LED production and found no mention of any harmful practices. I would love more information. I would find it hard to follow based on one person's thoughts about a factory being in China ... so you know it's bad. Please post some links! I would be grateful.

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