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APR 05

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"Its good that the use of we use it cialis philippines solar energy is increasing. I agree to the po..."

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Health Care Goes Solar

The largest non-profit health maintenance organization (HMO) in the purchase cialis in canada country is getting into the solar game.  Kaiser Permanente has announced plans to install 15 MW of solar PV arrays on their buildings throughout California, saying "what's good for the environment is good for our health."

Hospitals, offices and look here viagra england other buildings will be outfitted with the arrays by next summer by solar company Recurrent Energy.  Recurrent will own and operate the systems with Kaiser agreeing to purchase the power over 20 years.  The solar energy generated by the installations will equal 10 percent of Kaiser's energy usage at those facilities, getting them closer to their goal of having 25 percent of their energy come from renewable sources by 2020.

Over the levitra discounts course of the 20-year agreement, Kaiser will pay about the same amount for the solar energy as they would for power from the grid, but if energy prices go up, the company could save quite a bit of money during that time, while cutting emissions in the process.

via Green Inc.

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written by solargroupies, April 05, 2010
Finally something to cheer about regarding health care. Solar energy should never get in the way of good PR. Bravo!
written by Saar the climate change star, April 07, 2010
It's good that lots of health cares are going green and renewable. Here's another example of it's great! buy fioricet a health care going solar:
written by Amberen, December 26, 2011
Its good that the use of solar energy is increasing. I agree to the point that whats good for environment is good for health. Keep it up!

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