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APR 07

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"Cleverduck, Actually, incandescents and look there canadian rx levitra CFLs have less of a disadvant..."

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Cree Modules to Speed Adoption of LED Lighting

Cree, one of non generic viagra the world leaders in LED-for-lighting technology, is bringing a new product to market that could help rapidly increase the adoption of LED lighting. LEDs are complicated, the drivers to control them, the optics to focus them, even the bodies to levitra rx house them have to be specially designed for heat management. These are all things that the manufacturers of lighting fixtures are not used to thinking about. They just take the light, plug into into a power source, and it's supposed to work.

That's why Cree is going to be producing the LRM4 line of LED modules. Everything is included, so the folks designing and manufacturing the light fixtures don't have to be experts in semiconductors to make it work.

The LRM4 is also feature Cree's new "TrueWhite" lighting technology. By combining specially tuned red and yellow LEDs (you can actually see them in the image above) Cree is able to match the warm light from a 65 watt incandescent bulb quite well. Other advantages over fluorescent lights include longer lifespan (over 12 years before the bulb dims more than 70%) full dimming capability and even higher efficiency.

Of course, the disadvantage is likely to generic viagra 100mg pills erections be the price, which Cree wouldn't disclose in a recent interview.

The lights are directional, so they're only suitable for directional lighting applications like in-ceiling lighting and desk lamps. The modules will be built into various designs by manufacturers and then those products will be available for sale "soon," likely first at specialty lighting stores.

Finally, I had to ask Cree about traditional bulb applications and whether this high-quality, high-brightness, surprisingly awesome technology might make it's way into multi-directional, Edison socket formats they replied, "Those are coming. You will see those come over the best price levitra course of the next year to two years"

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Still not there
written by Todd Horst, April 08, 2010
65 is close, but I need a fully dimming 100 watt to replace my kitchen bulbs (earthled has some but they are only 90 degree beam). I believe I've got everything else covered with whats currently available. Hopefully it wont be more then a year or so till these are out...please let me know if someone has found them.
written by cleverduck, April 08, 2010
"even the bodies to house them have to be specially designed for heat management. These are all things that the manufacturers of lighting fixtures are not used to thinking about."

Actually manufacturers of CFL and especially incandescent light fixtures have to think a great deal about heat management issues. The efficency of LED's means they give off a fraction of the heat of only for you best price for levitra these older technologies, so the above quote from the article isn't making a lot of sense.
written by PJ, April 08, 2010

Actually, incandescents and CFLs have less of a disadvantage in local heat generation compared to LEDs than you might think. Current LEDs are similar in efficiency to CFLs so little difference there. Incandescents are much less efficient, but a lot of the wasted energy is infrared which radiates out of the fixture just like visible light. The LEDs also contain circuity that is buy viagra online canada more sensitive to the best place levitra soft gel heat than the traditional bulbs.

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