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APR 08

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"I used to live in Seattle and I flew back and forth between there and ..."

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Amtrak On Course To Set Ridership Record This Year

Amtrak is on course to break its annual ridership record this year.  By the halfway point (their fiscal year starts in October), 13.6 million passengers have traveled on viagra 25mg uk the rail system.

Ridership for March 2010 was up 13.5 percent from March 2009 on its popular Acela line and five short-haul routes had double digit increases in the past six months too.  All this bodes well for the rail system's request to Congress for a $446 million budget increase that would go towards upgrading to more fuel-efficient trains, possibly including GE's diesel-electric rail cars.

If this trend continues and more passengers choose rail travel over air travel, the environment stands to benefit greatly.  The Guardian has reported that train travel reduces greenhouse gas emission by a factor of five to 10 compared to air travel on domestic trips.  And if Amtrak upgrades to more efficient trains, the emissions savings could grow even more.

via DC Streetsblog and Guardian

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if only it were cheaper
written by Ken S, April 08, 2010
Looked into rail for a trip to Seattle coming up in a few months, but it was 3x the cost of flying. For a more efficient mode of transport, you'd think it would be more price competitive. I'm willing to pay a premium to wow it's great generic cialis effective avoid the hassle of flying, but not that big of a premium.
Need better tracks
written by peter, April 08, 2010
I took the viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Accella from nyc to dc and then the standard train back...
it was only ~40 min quicker...crazy..

The acecella also prevented me from working on my laptop due to its wavy ride...gave me motion sickness when I tried to work. On the old bouncy train I could work.

The fast train needs to fast not just a little bit quicker.

Send the amtrac execs to Germany and canada levitra no prescription let them ride the ICE....runs 2x the acella and is smooth like on ice smilies/smiley.gif

Love Amtrak
written by Simon, April 14, 2010
It's ten years ago now since I travelled cross-country twice on Amtrak. I went from New York to Seattle (Lakeshore Limited/Empire Builder) and then came back six weeks later on the Southwest Chief from Los Angeles). I booked each leg a couple of pill price levitra weeks before travel and altogether paid about $300, less than single airfares at the time. I think it took three days each way and it was a wonderful experience. I only paid for a reclining seat and I sometimes slept in the sightseeing car. I expect it's a whole different budget in cabins but that's to be expected - hotel train, really. Nevertheless, with seat only, I felt got so much more for my money than a plane seat. Of course that depends mostly on having the time to original viagra travel. Time aside (and often money), air travel has become such a dud.
I prefer Amtrak to flying.
written by Alana, April 17, 2010
I used to live in Seattle and I flew back and forth between there and Minnesota several times. I hated every flight. Then when I moved back to Minnesota I took Amtrak because a one-way ticket on Amtrak was only $150 and one-way on any airline was about $600. It was so much nicer. I could walk around and people were quiet and polite and alternatives to cialis when I had to check extra luggage (because I was moving) it was only $10 per bag instead of $100 or more on an airplane. And most of the way it was a nice smooth ride.

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