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OCT 27

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"I do believe that America is "guzzling" too much gas and I think we as..."

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America's Chub Uses One Billion Gallons of Gas a Year


We all know that Americans drive more than other folks.  It's a big country with a car culture...but a new study from the University of Illinois has shown that the 25 lbs gained (on average) by every American since 1960 is has actually directly lead to one billion gallons of extra gas consumed!
"Hows that?" you ask. Well, every extra pound an engine has to push requires more gas, and in the past forty years, Americans have been putting on a lot of extra pounds. If we all shed a few pounds, millions of gallons could be saved! Now we EcoGeeks finally have a good reason to quit the buy cialis in canada Mountain Dew and Doritos diet. Maybe I'll even take a jog down to the health food store.  Or maybe not.

Via Mother Jones
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May I Suggest Walking?
written by Matt, October 28, 2006
While I'm not generally one to advocate throwing stones at birds, it seems to me that walking and bicycling whenever possible would take care of both problems. Just don't kill any birds, okay?
More economical cars.
written by rob, October 29, 2006
As well as walking and cycling, I would also suggest designing better cars. America does seem to drive the most gas guzzling cars in the world, a very poor show for the worlds most technologically advanced country.
A design for america...
written by GTW, October 29, 2006
What about an engine throttle control that requires the driver to peddle? The faster you peddle the more the throttle will open... but it still makes you wonder why Fred Flinstone was a bit on the order cheapest cialis online larger side even when the car was powered entirely by the driver's feet. :) Anyway, peddle throttle should also help at least the driver keep warm and reduce the amount of heating required :)

To comment on the above comment about America... I agree that America has a lot of technology and it might even have the most advanced technology... but Japan has its "less" advance technology implemented in its day to day world more than America.

But we're all friends of the best choice buy viagra online pharmacy the same Earth... so who cares! :)
Sooo Awesome
written by Hank, October 29, 2006
I've often considered the possibility of hooking up a pedal powered generator to my PC, both so I have a good reasons to viagra levitra cialis excercise and so I can mitigate some of my climate impact.

A 'pedal powered' hybrid car is an extension of that and, frankly, is an amazing idea. It'd have to be calibrated to every person, but it could theoretically be hooked up to a generator as well, probably saving about a mile per gallon, or extending the range of an electric car. Plus, yeah, less chub.

As for the comment about designing better cars, I think it's likely, psychologically, that we love big cars because bigness is somewhat romanticized in this country. And while big bellies aren't, big plates of food, big bottles of soda, and large orders of soft tab cialis fries certainly are.
Absurd Notion
written by Richard Koffarnus, May 12, 2008
First, if losing 25 pounds were as simple as you suggest, don't you think everyone would have done it by now?

Second, considering that the average car today weighs much less than one did in the 60s, a 25# drop in weight per passenger is peanuts (or Doritos) in comparison to the weight reduction already achieved by the use of plastics and thinner steel.

Third, all the fuel savings so far have not slowed the rise in oil prices one bit. The real solution to the problem of high gas prices is viagra one a day to switch fuels to hydrogen or synfuel made from coal and end our dependence on the best choice best price generic cialis foreign oil.
go eco-friendly
written by ash, June 01, 2008
I do believe that America is "guzzling" too much gas and I think we as a country should try to "go green". We should buy cars the run on an alternate fuel or even buy more fuel efficient vehicles. Bsides, we live on the same earth and we should stop polluting it... :D

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