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APR 14

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"The problems with these "scorecards" is they are a count of yes/no que..."

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Solar Scorecard Assesses the Manufacture of Solar Panels


Solar panels are one of the greenest and buying cialis online canada least controversial types of renewable power generation technology. Some neighborhoods don't like how they look on roofs of houses, but there are no concerns about harming wildlife, as with wind turbines or tidal power systems. And the technology to make them is continuing to improve.

But not all solar panels are created equally. Solar panels are energy intensive to produce, and potentially harmful materials such as cadmium and lead are sometimes used in their production. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has begun to assemble a 'Solar Scorecard' that evaluates solar panel manufacturers.

Because the Scorecard is based on company self-reporting, presently there are only ten PV module manufacturers and one solar cell manufacturer with scores listed. Four compaies also have a gold star, indicating that the company "has a takeback program and has policies against exporting waste and using prison labor to dismantle end-of-life panels."

Scoring is levitra tab 20mg based on a 100-point scale, with four major categories: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Takeback, which deals with end-of-life and recycling for the panels; Supply Chain Monitoring and Green Jobs, which looks at employee exposure to toxic materials among other issues; Chemical Use and viagra 24 hour delivery uk Lifecycle Analysis, which looks at hazardous material use; and Disclosure, which considers a company's transparency about these issues. The survey was originally sent to 227 [*] solar PV companies in October 2009 and the survey dealine was extended to late January 2010. Hopefully more companies will respond and the listing can be kept current in coming years, providing consumers with more information about the panels they are considering.

link: Solar Scorecard

An extended version of this article is available on it's great! buy cheap levitra online GreenovationTV.

* Ed. note: earlier typo said 27 solar PV companies

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Low return rate.
written by JoshCT, April 14, 2010
If you go to the just try! levitra prescriptionsgeneric levitra sale Solar Scorecard link and dig around, you'll see that of cialis for sale the 227 total solar companies (your article above says 27 but shows it is 227), only 14 returned the survey. They say this is 24% of the installed PV, but it's only a 6% return rate on the survey. Then, if you want to read the survey results, its gonna cost you money.

My opinion, but the return rate needs to be much more significant before this survey means a damn thing. Figure out how to get companies to complete these surveys and achieve a return rate above 60% and perhaps this survey means something. I think, right now it's only good for rating one company that did return it to another, which is fine by itself, but doesn't do anything for the other 213 companies out there making panels.
written by P Proefrock, April 14, 2010
Thanks for catching the typo; it's been corrected.
Not a rating of danger - a rating of politics & marketing
written by Carl Hage, April 15, 2010
The problems with these "scorecards" is they are a count of yes/no questions, many of which have nothing to do with "greenness" or toxic threat, e.g. ban on prison labor. Does environmental impact have anything to do with building recycled plastic park benches or recycling lead-acid batteries with prison labor, immigrants, or high school dropouts?

We used to have a toxic inventory before it was hidden on the excuse of the war on terror. (As if terrorists can't figure it out without a public database.) The TRI at least measured quantity, so there could be some sort of relative comparison.

With a scorecard like this a company with a high rating could be responsible for orders of magnitude more toxic release than a low scoring company.

Why return a survey for a bogus comparison like this?

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